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New Product: Tris-Glycine Running Buffer Powder

New Product: Tris-Glycine Run...
Power type running buffer is available now!

Tris-Glycine Running Buffer Powder is convenient and universal for electrophoresis in Tris-Glycine buffer system.

👍Reliable: Rigorous quality control for reproducible separation of protein electrophoresis.

👍Convenient: Premeasured pouches make 1 liter of 1X buffer solution; No pH adjustment is necessary.

👍Quick & Easy: Dissolving in minutes and then ready to use.

👍Stable: Powder packaging suitable for long-term storage.

0.025 M Tris, 0.192 M glycine, 0.10% SDS

Running buffer for Laemmli Tris-HCl gel electrophoresis

Room temperature for 24 months

You can order this product from the link below.

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