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Immunostaining; Fluorescent beads

Immunostaining; Fluorescent b...
- FF beads are magnetically separable fluorescent beads, incorporating a fluorescent dye into conventional FG beads.
- FS beads are nonmagnetic fluorescent beads.
- Europium is used as a fluorescent dye (Ex: 346 nm / Em: 616 nm)

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An Alternative HILIC Column

An Alternative HILIC Column
Hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) is a popular technique to analyze very polar molecules. However, it is often difficult to develop a robust method.

HILIC Columns: Disadvantages
・ Extremely sensitive to sample solvent used resulting in shifting retention time.
・ Small sample loading capacity – polar molecules do not dissolve well in organic solvents.
・ Peak distortion occurs if sample solvents are different than the mobile phase.

PBr Columns: Advantages
・ Retain very polar compounds in reversed-phase.
・ Use simple mobile phase, e.g. 100% aqueous or organic mobile phase.
・ Higher sample loading capacity than HILIC.
・ Robust
COSMOCORE (Core-shell based)
COSMOSIL (Fully porus silica gel based)

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New! COSMOCORE Method Development Kit

New! COSMOCORE Method Deve...
We launch a new product line in HPLC column category based on the core-shell technology, which help customers build method development up. The kit contains three reversed phase columns you can expect different selectivities and is economical - the same price as two columns.

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SFC DAY San Diego

SFC DAY San Diego
We attend the SFC Day San Diego which will bring together leading separation scientists and engineers from major pharmaceutical and chemical companies, academic labs and government agencies.

- Learn the latest innovations in this burgeoning technology by participating in the meeting events including: Lectures by chromatography experts sharing case studies and new developments
- Poster sessions offering personalized explanations of lab experiments and results
- Exhibits of cutting-edge technology
- Vendor workshops providing training
- Social gatherings to network!san-diego-registration/hhhn6

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ISSCR 2016 in San Francisco

ISSCR 2016 in San Francisco
We are attending ISSCR 2016 held at San Francisco on June 19 - 24.

Please stop by our stand, #1155, to see the latest products.
- Cardiomyocyte Differentiation Medium: Production of high quality cardiomyocytes
- Xeno-free recombinant peptide has an increased arginine-glycine-aspartate (RGD) sequences with high cellular adhesion.
- EZSPHERE® has a lot of evenly designed micro wells on the surface. Inoculated cells drop into the micro wells and form uniformly sized Spheroids.

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30% Off! SunShell Core-shell Columns

30% Off! SunShell Core-shell Co...
We will run a special promotion of SunShell HPLC columns, 2.6 um core shell particle basis. For a limited period of time, all SunShell HPLC columns can be purchased at a 30% off the list price.

​The discount will be:
- applied only to the SunShell HPLC columns listed on our website.
- not available to overseas.
- cannot be combined with any other offer, promotion or discount.
- only valid till at the end of Sep. 2016.

Click the link below to get more information.

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Poster Presentation at MSACL 2016

Poster Presentation at MSACL ...
Feb. 22nd Monday 7:00 PM Poster # 53
Topic: Metabolomics
Separating Vitamin D2 D3, their 25-OH Metabolites and C-3 Epimers
The accuracy of current vitamin D measurements by immunoassays and LCMS has been questioned due to the overlapping LC peaks with identical m/z values epimers and isobars. To solve this problem, we have developed a new HPLC method to achieve baseline separation of vitamin D2/D3, their 25-OH metabolites and C3-epimers in one single run.
Download (PDF)

Feb. 22 nd Monday 7:00 PM Poster # 54
Topic: Small Molecule Analytes
Detecting THC Metabolites and Other Cannabinoids
In the first part, Δ9-THC, 11-hydroxy-Δ9-THC and 11-nor-9-carboxy-Δ9-THC are detected using a simple gradient. In the second part, four cannabinoids, CBD, CBN, Δ9-THC, and Δ8-THC were baseline separated making quantification easy.
Download (PDF)
#application #exhibition

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How to improve separation in RP HPLC

How to improve separation in...
Not getting enough separation or retention with your C18 column? Watch this tutorial to learn how to improve your analysis.

More information on COSMOSIL Cholester
More information on COSMOSIL PBr

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New HPLC applications for JP

New HPLC applications for JP
New applications for drugs listed in the Japanese pharmacopeia, metabolites and foods have been added to our database.

To see each application, click the link below and put an application No. (AP-****) into a box.

Drugs listed in the Japanese pharmacopeia (17th edition)
Ciprofloxacin [AP-1519]
Voriconazole [AP-1520]

Nucleic acids and related compounds
Allantoin, hypoxanthine and other nucleic acid-related compounds [AP-1497, AP-1518]
Nucleotides: AMP, ADP, ATP [AP-1499]
Sugar nucleotides [AP-1492]

Vitamin D metabolites
Vitamins D2 and D3 [AP-1515]
Vitamins D2 and D3 and their metabolites [AP-1514]

Food components
Soy oligosaccharides: raffinose and stachyose [AP-1487, AP-1495]
Stevia extract: stevioside and rebaudioside A [AP-1500]
Rice bran extract: γ-oryzanol [AP-1508, AP-1509]
Polyphenol oligomers [AP-1510, AP-1511, AP-1512]
Quercetin glycosides [AP-1516]

Active pharmaceutical ingredients
Anti-diabetic drug: acarbose [AP-1486]
Polymyxin antibiotic: colistin [AP-1502]

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Added new natural product standards

Added new natural product sta...
New Product List

- Prunus Mume
- Grape, Japanese Knotweed, and Passion fruit
- Grape
- Polygonum Cuspidatum
- Passionfruit
- Mulberry
- Ferulic Acid from Rice Bran
- Notopterygium Incisum
- Rheum Palmatum
- Black Currant, Black Soybean and others
- Inulins
- Rare sugars (Keto-hexoses)
- Rare sugars (Aldo-hexoses)
- Rare sugars (Sugar alcohols)
- Saturated fatty acids
- Broccoli
- Coffee
- Glucosylceramide
- Glycosylceramides from Rice
- Glycosylceramides from Konjac
- Glycosylceramides from Hen of the Woods (Maitake)
- Glycosylceramides from Tamogitake
- Phospholipids from Milk
- Phospholipids from Egg Yolk
- Ganglioside from Milk
- Gangliosides (Synthetic)
- Sphingoid Bases

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