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Great Photo from October 5, 1927

Great Photo from October 5, 1...
Seattle Executives Association was established in 1917. It was called the "One Hundred Percent Club" at that time. Here is a great photo from a luncheon on October 5, 1927.

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Dr. Daniel Walsh Finishes Fast Track

Dr. Daniel Walsh Finishes Fast...
Congratulations Dan Walsh, Doctor of Chiropractic with Graham Rehabilitation and Wellness Center. He finished his Fast Track and received his membership plaque at our August 19 luncheon. His mentor was Ed Shinbo of Acacia Florist.

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Ralph Bruksos Speaks about the "Why"

Ralph Bruksos Speaks about th...
Ralph Bruksos of Training Consultants Company spoke at our August 19 luncheon. Execs honored the impact of his speech with a standing ovation.

Citing Viktor Frankl from his book Man's Search for Meaning: “Those who have a 'why' to live, can bear with almost any 'how'.” Ralph spoke about the power of the "why" and his guests were an example of its power.

John and Marcia Dalton are the children of Jack Dalton. Ralph met Jack Dalton in the early 60's when Jack was serving time at Walla Walla State Penitentiary. Upon his return to Seattle, he recognized his "why" - the need for a community resource that provides housing, employment and treatment for individuals with chemical dependency issues and criminal records. The social enterprise known as Pioneer Human Services was born in 1963 and continues to rebuild lives today. In attendance was the current of Chief Executive Officer of Pioneer Human Services Karen Lee.

Don Bennett lost his leg to a propeller on a boating accident. Don however remained active. He became the first amputee to climb Mt. Rainier on crutches. Don also created amputee soccer. Why - because he wanted to help other amputees achieve the highest level of skill and performance especially those who fell victim to land mines in Central America.

Thank you Ralph and your guests for your inspirational stories.

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Kelly Cudworth "40 Under 40" Honoree

Kelly Cudworth "40 Under 40"...
Kelly Cudworth of NuLeaf Office Solutions has been given the distinct honor of being named one of Puget Sound Business Journal’s "40 Under 40" recipients. Out of nearly 400 nominees in the Seattle area, he is one of 40 individuals selected who exemplify business and civic leadership in the region. Kelly officially receives his award September 17 during a special reception at Showbox SODO. He will also be featured in the Puget Sound Business Journal along with his fellow class of 2015 "40 Under 40" honorees.

At our August 5 luncheon, Kelly spoke about how Seattle Execs helped him achieve the recognition. During the transition of his company, Execs was a key resource of learning, business development and mentorship. He was especially “taken back” by the amount of support he received from members to help nominate him.

Kelly is the third Exec to be make the list. "40 Under 40" alumni include Kirk McDonald of ServPro of Central Seattle and Jeanette Adams-Gorman of Socuis Law Group.


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Congratulations Matt Fairbanks

Steve Greenbaum of Greenbau... Steve Greenbaum of Greenbaum Home Furnishings and Matt Fairbanks of VECA Electric Co.
Congratulations Matt Fairbanks, COO of VECA Electric Company. He finished his "Fast Track" and received his membership plaque at our July 29 luncheon. His mentor was Steve Greenbaum of Greenbaum Home Furnishings.

Matt is our Electrical Contractor and Data Cabling contact.

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Congratulations Selina Clawson

Selina Clawson of Accounting S... Selina Clawson of Accounting Solutions Partners and George Vestal of McDonald Employment Services
Congratulations Selina Clawson, Marketing Director of Accounting Solutions Partners. She finished her "Fast Track" and received her membership plaque at our July 22 luncheon. Her mentor was George Vestal of McDonald Employment Services and her sponsor was Tom Broejte of CFO Selections.

Selina is our contact for bookkeeping.

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Yellow Badge Presented to New Member

SEA President Mayumi Nakamu... SEA President Mayumi Nakamura of Pacific Software Publishing and Kris Dahl of Atomic Infotech
At our July 22 luncheon, we officially welcomed a new member, Kris Dahl of Atomic Infotech to Seattle Execs by presenting him with a yellow badge.

Kris is the Principal of Atomic Infotech and our new contact for Computers: Managed IT.

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Seattle Execs Golf Tournament

SEA Golf Tournament Winners ... SEA Golf Tournament Winners - Team LaborWorks
It was a perfect day yesterday on July 15 at The Golf Club at Redmond Ridge for the annual Seattle Executives Association Golf Tournament.

113 golfers enjoyed the challenging and beautiful 70 par course that included sweeping views of the Cascades, preserved native forests and wetlands.

Here are the individual Hole Contest winners...

#6 Ladies' Long Drive - Mayumi Nakamura of Pacific Software Publishing
#10 Straight Drive - TIE - Eddie Tonkin of Madigan Security Consulting and Investigations and Matt Fairbanks of VECA Electric
#12 KP - Adam Peters of LaborWorks
#15 KP - I an Hurley of LaborWorks
#18 Men's Long Drive - Kyle Weyer of SUNDANCE Energy Services

Here are the tournament winners...

1st Place Team - LaborWorks/ Kyle Ewing
2nd Place Team - Socius Law Group/ Jeannette Adams Gorman
3rd Place Team - AmericanWest Bank/ Tom Giovanelli

Big thanks to Hole Sponsors and those who donated raffle prizes.
Thank you Golf Committee for putting on a super fun event...

Bruce Johnson and Ken Uchikura, co-chairs
Ron Allen, Tom Giovanelli, Alden Graebner, Haffo Stefansson and Art Tay

And special thanks to our on-site tournament volunteers...
Mike Cuadra, Tracy Johnson and Mackenzie Schwartz

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Welcome New President Mayumi Nakamura

Welcome New President Mayum...
Mayumi Nakamura of Pacific Software Publishing addressed Seattle Execs on July 8 for the first time as President of the Association.

“Pay It Forward” is Mayumi's motto for her term.

Here are some excerpts from her speech -

"Over the past 12 years, I have met so many people in this organization who have helped us get our company where it is today. Whether it’s a connection with another person, a product or service, or just a piece of good advice, many of you have set us on a track for success."

"Opportunities have been handed to me throughout my life, and that have brought me to this podium today. I would be nothing without people who cared to see me succeed; people who invested time and resources in me."

"That’s why it is my mission to 'pay it forward' and give opportunities to others. And that is the message I want to encourage for all of you today."

"It is vital to the success of our economy and this organization that our partnerships are mutual and we help each other grow with advice, with leads, with friendship, with mentorship, and with our business. So during my term as president, I ask you all to do just that."

"Let’s give opportunities to our fellow members in hopes that they will one day be able to reciprocate."

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Congratulations Newly Elected Officers

Congratulations Newly Elected Of...
Seattle Executives Association Board of Directors Election was held at our June 10 luncheon. Below are our newly elected officers.

2nd Vice President
Jeff Svik of Berg's Landscaping

Steve Greenbaum of Greenbaum Home Furnishings

Board of Directors
Steve Bean of TRUEbenefits
Jerri Eckmann of Moss Adams
Tom Giovanelli of AmericanWest Bank

Thank you to all who volunteered to run for office.

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