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PDCA stands for Plan Do Check Act
But the true meaning is


So true.

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I Reserved A Ford Mustang Mach-e

I Reserved A Ford Mustang M...
I just put down my $500 to reserve Ford Mustang Mach-e.

I always wanted to drive Mustang ... My mother had 1970 White Ford Mustang Grande. Well, this is little different with 4 doors but my life is more suited for SUV with 4 doors.

I thought about Tesla too. But I always wanted to be little different.

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NEWS PROVIDED BY Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.


Dreamersi Web Hosting Now Supports G Suite and Office 365 Email

BELLEVUE, Wash., Dec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (a full-service domain, web, and email outsourcing company) has announced enhancements to their top of the line hosting service Dreamersi ( Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington - Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. serves 45,000 company clients worldwide.

"We have been providing hosting solutions directly to customers and through resellers since 1996," said Ken Uchikura, Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.'s Founder and President. "It was easy when we started providing hosting services, all we had to do was to provide complete solutions. However, nowadays, customer requirements have changed and we need to provide more customizable solutions."

While traditional, "Domain" + "Email" + "Web" solutions are still in demand, the need for one of those services without the other also exists. In order to accommodate those demands Pacific Software Publishing, Inc., under Dreamersi (, now offers "Email Only" and "Web Only" services at a lower price point than a full service package. This enables customers to choose "Domain and Web Only" services while they are using other email platforms such as Google Suite and Office 365.

It is the goal of Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. to provide services that enable customers to choose what they need without having other options that they do not. People can choose their domain and order "Email Only" and "Web Only" services in addition to the complete package at

About Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Ken Uchikura in his apartment in Mercer Island, Washington. Where the company started to license, translate, localize and export PC software from the US to Japan. Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. started its Internet hosting business in 1996. Currently they host over 45,000 corporate domains with over a quarter of a million email accounts at their own datacenter in Seattle, Washington.

Media contact:
Ken Uchikura

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SOURCE Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.

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Newsletter Vol. 53

Subscribe to my newsletter at ... Subscribe to my newsletter at
Get Ready for Marketing

Why do you spend money on marketing? What is the purpose? Brand recognition? How much budget do you need to have? Is marketing an investment? Who do you spend your marketing dollars with?

When it comes to marketing, small businesses have millions of questions and no clear-cut answers. If you are in business to make money, you should spend less on your marketing than what you make. If you find a method of marketing that bring as much or more than what you spend, you should stick with it.

Measuring the results of marketing is much harder than black ink and red ink. You don’t usually know how much money you are bringing in because of the marketing. Unfortunately, no marketing company I know will base their cost on the income.

Before you spend money on marketing, let's make sure some of the basics are in order. Here is a checklist:

- Your website information is up-to-date and mobile friendly.
- You have SSL to make sure your website is secure for visitors.
- Social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are in order.
- Make sure you identify what you want to sell.
- Create a proper message (elevator pitch) for your company and product.
- Clean up and catalog your contacts.

Now you have all of the basics taken care of. When you are done with the above, believe it or not, more than 50% of the marketing work is done. Now you can concentrate on the method in which to deliver your message.
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Privaci Protection

Privaci Protection
If you think that your business card should be protected under privacy laws. You have no idea what business means. This is my business card, please feel free to share it.

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City and County Names in Washington State

City and County Names in Wash...
I did not know the name like "Seattle" is a name of an Indian Tribe. There are so many names came from the tribe names.

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A Picture for Seattle Execs Booklet

A Picture for Seattle Execs Boo...
#SeattleExecutiovesAssociation #pspinc #PacificSoftwarePublishingInc

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Complete Opinion Gathering System ... OpinionStand

Complete Opinion Gathering Sys...
Opinion Stand
Complete Opinion Gathering and Marketing System

We have created Opinion Stand to gather people’s opinions, but we did not stop there. We created a way for people to write what’s on their mind. We started with the Kiosk version which is very simple and easy-to-use. From there we created the QR code based opinion gathering system. Lastly, we created a web-based version for people to evaluate websites and their content.

This is a complete system which, with little planning, you can create a powerful marketing message system. Many establishments do not really provide ways to gather people’s opinions. Sure, you can send out a survey, but how many people will take the time to fill it out? Opinion Stand is quick and easy, people do not need to take a lot of time completing it unless they really want to.

You can use Opinion Stand within your business. If you would like to try it for free, please contact us at 1-800-232-3989 or 425-957-0808. You can also email us at . It is a free trial with no obligation.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. <>

Opinion Stand is a service of PSPinc
For more information visit

You can listen to the information above by clicking on the icon below.

It is created using
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Wonderful Italian for Lunch

Carmines: 88 102nd Ave NE, B... Carmines: 88 102nd Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004 Carmines: 88 102nd Ave NE, B... Carmines: 88 102nd Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004 Carmines: 88 102nd Ave NE, B... Carmines: 88 102nd Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004
Carmines: 88 102nd Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

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Barneys New York is Closing / Sad

Store Closing Sale https://ww... Store Closing Sale
Another iconic store is closing its door.
It is very sad to see.

It is not only due to the competition with online stores like Amazon.
I think it has a lot to do with the fact that younger generations do not desire nice an expensive things. They are more practical.

You do not meed $1,000 dawn coat, you can get by with $100 UNIQLO dawn. It is also true to any industry including Internet services. You really need to be practical and inexpensive.
#pompomwashere #dreamersi #valueproposition #marketing #pompomishere #feebackonpilotsbt #kiroboto #postinheaven #pspinc #opinionstand

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