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Checking My Temperature

Checking My Temperature Checking My Temperature
We asked everyone to check their temperature every morning.
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Coronavirus and Politics

Some politicians are using Coronavirus to sell their name and gain popularity. It is very unfortunate. It is a time to unite and help each other. I do not like any business trying to make money by using Coronavirus.

It is a time to save lives. Not sell the name or make money.

It I snot much but we are buying lunch from local restaurants. That are doing their best stay business. We thank them for that.
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My morning routine.

My Temperature My Temperature My Temperature My Temperature
Here are things I do in the morning.

(1) Wake Up
(2) Brush Teeth
(3) Take Shower
(4) Check my Weight
(5) Watch News (Usually NHK World)
(6) Take my Blood Pressure
(7) Check my Blood Sugar
(8) Check my Temperature

Then I come to work.
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This is how we are dealing with telework.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. has implemented company chat rooms where everybody login and report the progress. In addition, all our meetings are done using Zoom system.

We currently have 1/4 of our employees working remotely. So far the productivities has not suffered too much but we are holding the release of some of the new products.

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Social Distancing

#SocialDistancing #SocialDistancing
If we were eggs ... this is what it suppose to look like.
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Company Lunch Today

Company Lunch Today
#Coronavirus #COVID19 #pacificsoftwarepublishing #pspinc #KenUchikura

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Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 69

My Desk at Pacific Software Pu... My Desk at Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
Headquarters in Bellevue

Business Owner’s Minds

You started your own business. You grew your business. You took care of all of the problems. You hire the people you need. You let go of the people you do not need. You have to weather all of the ups and downs. So now, you are facing a new challenge (you always do). Do you want to go out and ask for someone who has never spend a minute at your company to tell you what to do? I don’t think so. I am sure we can find the solution within our company.

In short, this is how most entrepreneurs think, and most of the time you are correct. You do not need someone outside to tell you what to do because you are not the same as other companies. Things that worked for one company may not necessarily work for you. You have different products, services, and style of business.

So how do you hire someone to help you? The answer is very simple, you hire someone when your business is doing well. You hire someone to streamline what you do or tackle new business opportunities. Not when you are having problems. Don’t think a Superman will come and solve all of your problems. That is your job.
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COMPUTEX 2020 TAIPEI is Postponed!!!

COMPUTEX 2020 TAIPEI is Post... COMPUTEX 2020 TAIPEI is Post... COMPUTEX 2020 TAIPEI is Post... COMPUTEX 2020 TAIPEI is Post... COMPUTEX 2020 TAIPEI is Post... COMPUTEX 2020 TAIPEI is Post... COMPUTEX 2020 TAIPEI is Post... COMPUTEX 2020 TAIPEI is Post... COMPUTEX 2020 TAIPEI is Post... COMPUTEX 2020 TAIPEI is Post...
COMPUTEX TAIPEI has been rescheduled for September 28 to 30, 2020.
This is one trade show that I visit every year. I think September might be too optimistic but I hope we can go there.

I posted some of the pictures from past COMPUTEX.
#Coronavirus #COVID19 #pacificsoftwarepublishing #pspinc #KenUchikura #Computex2020

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Costco Senior Hour

Costco Kirkland Just After 8:0... Costco Kirkland Just After 8:00am Costco Kirkland Just After 8:0... Costco Kirkland Just After 8:00am Costco Kirkland Just After 8:0... Costco Kirkland Just After 8:00am
Costco is opening its door to 60 years old or older members at 8:00 - 9:00am on Tuesday and Thursday. What a community service!

#CostcoSeniorHour #Coronavirus #COVID19 #pacificsoftwarepublishing #pspinc #KenUchikura #PSPinc

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Washington State ... Stay Home Order

Governor Inslee Governor Inslee
March 23, 20201On March 23, 2020, Governor Inslee issued an Executive Order directing all residents immediately to heed current State public health directives to stay home, except as needed to maintain continuity of operations of essential critical infrastructure sectors and additional sectors as the State Public Health Officer may designate as critical to protect health and well-being of all Washingtonians.

In accordance with this order, the Governor has designated the following list of “Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers” to help state, local, tribal, and industry partners as they work to protect communities, while ensuring continuity of functions critical to public health and safety, as well as economic and national security.

So, the question is, "Is PSPinc an Essential Critical Infrastructure Work?"


Sector Profile

The Communications Sector provides products and services that support the efficient operation of today’s global information-based society. Communication networks enable people around the world to contact one another, access information instantly, and communicate from remote areas. This involves creating a link between a sender (including voice signals) and one or more recipients using technology (e.g., a telephone system or the Internet) to transmit information from one location to another.Technologies are changing at a rapid pace, increasing the number of products, services, service providers, and communication options. The national communications architecture is a complex collection of networks that are owned and operated by individual service providers. Many of thisMarch 23, 20209sector’s products and services are foundational or necessary for the operations and services provided by other critical infrastructure sectors. The nature of communication networks involve both physical infrastructure (buildings, switches, towers, antennas, etc.) and cyber infrastructure (routing and switching software, operational support systems, user applications, etc.), representing a holistic challenge to address the entire physical-cyber infrastructure.

The IT Sector provides products and services that support the efficient operation of today’s global information-based society and are integral to the operations and services provided by other critical infrastructure Sectors. The IT Sector is comprised of small and medium businesses, as well as large multinational companies. Unlike many critical infrastructure Sectors composed of finite and easily identifiable physical assets, the IT Sector is a functions-based Sector that comprises not only physical assets but also virtual systems and networks that enable key capabilities and services in both the public and private sectors.

Essential Workforce - Communications:

•Maintenance of communications infrastructure- including privately owned and maintained communication systems- supported by technicians, operators, call-centers, wireline and wireless providers, cable service providers, satellite operations, undersea cable landing stations, Internet Exchange Points, and manufacturers and distributors of communications equipment
•Workers who support radio, television, newspapers and media service, including, but not limited to front line news reporters, studio, and technicians for news gathering and reporting, and workers involved in the printing and distribution of newspapers.
•Workers at Independent System Operators and Regional Transmission Organizations, and Network Operations staff, engineers and/or technicians to manage the network or operate facilities
•Engineers, technicians and associated personnel responsible for infrastructure construction and restoration, including contractors for construction and engineering of fiber optic cables
•Installation, maintenance and repair technicians that establish, support or repair service as needed•Central office personnel to maintain and operate central office, data centers, and other network office facilities
•Customer service and support staff, including managed and professional services as well as remote providers of support to transitioning employees to set up and maintain home offices, who interface with customers to manage or support service environments and security issues, including payroll, billing, fraud, and troubleshooting
•Dispatchers involved with service repair and restoration

Essential Workforce - Information Technology:

•Workers who support command centers, including, but not limited to Network Operations Command Center, Broadcast Operations Control Center and Security Operations Command Center
•Data center operators, including system administrators, HVAC & electrical engineers, security personnel, IT managers, data transfer solutions engineers, software and hardware engineers, and database administrators
•Client service centers, field engineers, and other technicians supporting critical infrastructure, as well as manufacturers and supply chain vendors that provide hardware and software, and information technology equipment (to include microelectronics and semiconductors) for critical infrastructure
•Workers responding to cyber incidents involving critical infrastructure, including medical facilities, SLTT governments and federal facilities, energy and utilities, and banks and financial institutions, and other critical infrastructure categories and personnel
•Workers supporting the provision of essential global, national and local infrastructure for computing services (incl. cloud computing services), business infrastructure, web-based services, and critical manufacturing
•Workers supporting communications systems and information technology used by law enforcement, public safety, medical, energy and other critical industries
•Support required for continuity of services, including janitorial/cleaning personnel


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