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Japan Business Opportunities : Importing Japanese Car

1993 Toyota Century Flagship o... 1993 Toyota Century
Flagship of Toyota
About $7,200 + Shipping
You cannot import cars from Japan easily unless the car is over 25 years old. There are companies in Japan specializing in exporting 25 and older Japanese cars into the US.

In Japan, most cars are kept in god shape because of the Japanese regulations with a lot less mileage. You can often find cars with less than 50,000 miles. Do you think you can start importing cars from Japan?
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I am no expert but you need to smile a little.

It is not too difficult any more. It is not too difficult any more. CDC Recommends Wearing Mas... CDC Recommends Wearing Masks!
I agree!
You need to laugh at COVID-19 sometime.
We are all in this together ... Having smile on your face cannot hurt anyone.
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Japan Business Opportunities : New Transit System in Japan

The Port Island Line, commonl... The Port Island Line, commonly known as Port Liner. New Transit Yurikamome, forma... New Transit Yurikamome, formally the Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Waterfront Line.

The picture above is The Port Island Line, commonly known as Port Liner. There are many innovations on this transportation system, Here are some of them.

(1) It is totally operated unmanned. (There is no driver or conductor on board)
(2) It runs on the track not rail. There are rubber tiers. (Less Noise and Smoother Rode)
(3) Automatic Windows Dimming ... When it pass near the building, windows dime to assure privacy.

This is an alternative to light rail. It can be modified to run on the street instead of traditional rail only system. I think it may have been the better system than the light rain we are building in Seattle area.

What is Port Liner?

The Port Island Line, commonly known as Port Liner is an urban automated guideway transit system in Kobe, Japan, operated by Kobe New Transit. Opened in 1981, the Port Liner was one of the world's first driverless urban transit systems, followed closely by the VAL system used on the Lille Metro, which opened in 1983.

Source: Wikipedia

What is Yurikamome

New Transit Yurikamome, formally the Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Waterfront Line, is an automated guideway transit service operated by Yurikamome, Inc., connecting Shimbashi to Toyosu, via the artificial island of Odaiba in Tokyo, Japan, a market in which it competes with the Rinkai Line.

Source: Wikipedia

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Japan Business Opportunities : Self Patking

Japan Business Opportunities :...
In many developed world, human cost is the most expensive items in any business. In the world of parking, at what point it is cost effective to hire parking attendant?

In Japan, many of the open air parking were turned into machine controlled lots. When you park your car at any spot and a flat that urns up making car locked in. The only way you can unlock and free the car is to pay the due.

Also, parking lots are monitored 24 hours. If you park the car without activating the flap, a flap can be turned on after xxx minutes. Many of the US parking are controlled at the gate with usually people looking around.

I think the parking system like this wil work in the US.
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Should we wear masks?

Should we wear masks?
One of the phenomenon in Japan is the fact that people wear masks even before COVID-19 Pandemic, There are several reasons why people in Japan wear masks. Here are some of the reasons:

(1) Air Pollution
(2) Allergy
(3) Cold (Not to infect others.)
(4) No Need for Make-Up
(5) Looks Cute
(6) Hide Identify (For Celebrities)
(7) Hide Facial Expressions
(8) Fashion

Because of this, Jaoan may be experiencing one of the slowest Pandemic development. Unfortunately, people cannot wear masks when they drink or eat, That also may be the reason when there are clusters of infections at bars and Karaoke in Tokyo.

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Japan Business Opportunities : Shokken 食券

Japanese 食券 Mac... Japanese 食券 Machine
Choose the item you want and pay for it.
Evolution of Kiosk Ordering at... Evolution of Kiosk Ordering at McDonald's in the US

Shokken is a food voucher vending system that many small Japanese fast-food restaurants uses. The system is simple, you choose what you want to eat listed on the machine and pay. The machine spits out the voucher which you can take it to your table or food ordering counter. They take half the ticket and you keep the other half.

When the food is ready, you give them your half to exchange with your food. It is a very simple and effective ordering system. It will save restaurant the time and money by eliminating the food order taking processes. Also, many or credit card never exchange hands with the employees making it more secure.

Bunglers are less likely to attack establishments use Shokken system because all cash are stored in the machine which is not easy to break in. The only draw back is the fact that the establishment looks very cheap.

However that is changing. In the US, in addition to the food ordering counter at McDonald’s, there are kiosks that you can use to place an order. That can be considered an evolution of for ordering. Whether you like it or not, machines will be taking your order as it has been for many years in Japan.
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Japan Business Opportunities : Gachapon

Entertainment & Shopping & Co... Entertainment & Shopping & Collection Gacha Gacha machines at Yodo... Gacha Gacha machines at Yodobashi Camera Capsule Toy You do not know... Capsule Toy
You do not know what you get.
Japan is know for its vending machine culture. Gachapon is one of the validations of vending machine. Instead of buying specific item, you get one of the something in the machine. It started as a game for a child to get small toys.

I always thought that I would never buy anything from this as it was designed to server children. However, it represents 30 billion yen industry … that is $380 million dollar. And nw it is not limited to a little toy. Now, there are capsules containing electronics, camera, brand name fragrances, accessories and so on.

Capsule prices ranges from 100 yen to several thousand yen. Do you think this will be popular in the US? Next, do you have any products you might want to sell through thus in Japan. Some of the limited number items sell out and traded at premium prices on auctions sites.

About Gachapon
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Company Lunch Today

Yummy Yummy
We had assorted Jimmy John's sandwiches.
I like their sandwiches.
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Hoping this hail washiest a way Coronavirus

Hoping this hail washiest a wa...
It hailed this afternoon.
If Coronavirus can be washed away with this hail, it wil be so nice.

We usually modify webpages for April fool tomorrow. But we decided not to do anything. No joke should funny at this point.

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Keeping My Health

97.268F No Feaver 97.268F
No Feaver
I walked around Highland Park... I walked around Highland Park this morning.
I am checking my temperature every morning and try to exercise (walk) if I can in the morning. I am starting to wear masks the I meet people. This is a scaredy time.
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