Eating Healthy

What is healthy eating?

Is that what you eat?
Or is it how much you eat?

I would love to loose 25 pounds ...

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Animated Portrait of Your Pet

One of our designers at PSPinc can create a beautiful representation of you dog.

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Great Deal at Kiroboto

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I have to source iPad for an Opinion Stands ...
iPad was cheaper at Cost just few weeks ago.

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In Japan, railroads are build and operated by private companies. New additional lines are not paid by tax payers. Service is better because it is their business. Would it work in the US.

Look at those trains in Japan. Always clean, always safe, always on time and cheaper than droving cars. Please show me any taxpayer built and operated rail that is clean, safe and on time.

I am against rail being paid by the tax on car licenses. Those are the people who will not ride on it. This is not a socialist country, let the business build one and operate it as a business.

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Kiroboto Deals

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Arigatō ... The most beautiful Japanese Word

I drew this a day after.
Arigatō Pompom
ありがとう ... It is what you say to thank someone.
It os often translated as "Thank you!" but in this word, there is nothing that says "THANK" or "You". It is just a word. I think this I the most beautiful word in Japanese.

One year ago today, I had to put Doan my dog, Pompom. After one year, I miss him but most of all I just want to day Arigatō for 15 years. I hoe I will meet him again.
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I will go home with my Vespa

I will try to go home tonight with my Vespa.

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Opinion Stand

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Great Price on This PC

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