Bowling is Back

We used to help bowling associations to promote bowin ... the campaign was ‘Bowling is Back”.
Actually Bowing is quite popular in Japan.
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I should start selling garbedges ...

It is amazing to see some of the things people throw away. I can start business collecting those and fixing them for sale. Seriously!!!
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Deals on Kiroboto

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Relaxing in Japan

I am taking this week off. I am still communicating and thinking about business but not actively meeting people. Spending time with my parents.

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16 Months Before I Started PSPinc

This picture was taken a year and 4 months before I started Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. I am 26 years old in this picture.My mission was to bring US software products to Japan.

Can anyone tell what kind of computer I am sitting in friont of?
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Naan and Curry in Japan

This costs less than $9 in Tokyo.
Not tipping either.
The portion is just right ,..,
Also you can order as many Naan as you wish.
This is good.

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Cooking with My Friend

I’ve know KUMA (His nickname) for a longtime, He invited to me to his house to taste his home made cooking. What a cook. He cooked a monkfish ... ugly thing. But the way he prepared, it was so good.

His company website ...

He is the foremost expert in the field on Power Over Ethert.

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Eating Korean Style BBQ in Tokyo

The Korean Style BBQ place people took me last night ... Beautifully marbled beef. Yonezawa Beef.

There are three famous beef in Japan.

- Matsuzaka Beef
- Kobe Beef
- Yonezawa Beef

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Tradition in the Middle of Modern

From the outside Tokyo seems to be very modern, but when you just step into a back street, you still see many traditional buildings. This us Yabu Soba ... The most famous Soba shop in all of Japan. This is located in Kanda district of Tokyo.

Tokyo is an interesting place.

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Searching for New Businesss in Japan

I am here to search for new business opportunities in Japan.
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