What is your focus?

Oh I added this picture to make it cute.
Original email did not even have a picture.
I received an email saying they can provide;

1. Lead Generation
2. Appointment Setting
3. Virtual Assistant
4. Data Profiling
5. Call to invite
6. Data Entry
7. Data Encoding
8. Research
9. Telemarketing
10. Medical Coding
11. Customer's Service
12. Email Marketing
13. Social Media Marketing
14. Chat Support
15. Online Processing

So, what I am reading is that they are not good at anything but will be happy to do any work you have. So please contact me.

Did I get this right?
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Employee Ghosting

I have learned new words “employee ghosting”.

Employee “ghosting” occurs when a job candidate or employee severs the relationship without any notice. It most commonly occurs with early-stage interviewees or newly hired employees, but can happen at any stage of employment relationship. It’s hard enough when an at-will employee hands in his or her two weeks’ notice, but ghosting can (and does) leave employers in the lurch.

This is an seller’s market when it comes to employment. So people with even little discouragement, they can walk out the jobs. This is a very difficult situation. There are many incidents of part-time employees in Japan doing inappropriate things and posting of SNS. This isinteresting.
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My Newsletter Vol 12


Dear Reader,

When you are young, there seems to be an infinite amount of time to do anything but you don’t usually have experience and money to do anything. As you get older, you gain more and more experience and a little bit of wealth. But you are using up your time as you get older. When you get to 60 (I will be 60 this year), you realize you wasted a lot of time not doing anything. I always think about what I could have done.

Now I am at this age, I really do not have time to waste. I need to do what I want to do while I can. It is not limited to business. It is time to start thinking about things that I can do and do them. I do not want to spend time thinking about making money. I rather spend time thinking and doing development and sales.

I wish I came to decision 10, 20 years ago. I am fortunate enough to meet the people I work and associate with. I do want to make sure I will take care of them as much as I can while I can. Then when I am done, hopefully, I get the satisfaction of I did all I can.

100 years ago, I guess not many people live to be 60. 60 is the age my biological father died. I am that age. I think I look better than him. Well, he was dying at my age, so he did not look too well. I am sure he wanted to live longer and do more. I guess every dying person thinks the same way. After seeing my father departed 30 years ago, I think I need to start thinking about it.

So I am willing and very capable of developing and creating a new business with you. Please contact me. Let’s have coffee or lunch. I am sure I have some experience to help both us develop something. I am looking forward to hearing from you. If you wait, that time will not come back to you. In the end, you wish you did not wait. I certainly do not want to waste my time waiting.


I am sending this newsletter using PSPinc’s own email broadcasting system, NewsMAIL. If you would like to publish your own newsletter, please let PSPinc know.

If you do not want to receive this email, please use the unsubscribe link below. Your email will be deleted from my contact list immediately. If you want to add someone to this database, please list http://www.uchikura.co to add the email address. Please contact me with your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.
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From the idea to prototype in 3 weeks.

Store and Event Evaluation Kiosk
I am very proud of PSPinc R&D team for creating this "Store and Event Evaluation Kiosk" in less than three week. This is just amazing.

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Snow Again?

There are snow left.
I hear there will be more snow .... Oh no.

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Sell and Promote

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We are building a trial version of kiosk.

We are starting to test Kisok based survey system. I will keep you posted.
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Web Business Partnership

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Koroboto Deals

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I really like is Alienware Desktop

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