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Tom Hanks / Rita Wilson Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Tom Hanks / Rita Wilson Tom Hanks / Rita Wilson
When the public figures like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson tested positive for Coronavirus, it really hits you. This is no joke. It's only matter of time before we will get infected.
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Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 67

Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 67
Participation is more important …

In Japan, you often hear that “Participation is more important than winning” in various activities. Especially in an event like the Olympics, people are taught to do their best whether they win or not. With children’s activities in Japan, such as physical education, they do not measure who won and who lost. They are all cheered for participating. I guess this is to teach children there is no loser when you participate.

Bullshit - life is not fair. There are always winners and losers and a whole bunch of people in the middle. Telling people it is not necessary to win means you are asking people to not try to be better. Unfortunately, life is not that fair. Even if you try your best, there is no guarantee that you will somehow come out ahead. It just gives you a better chance.

As the economy stands now, the bar is rising. That means what you thought you have done well is no longer good enough. You must do better each and every day just to stay even. Simply participating is not enough. If you cannot motivate yourself from defeat, you cannot be a winner. The difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is that extraordinary people have tried and failed more than ordinary people ever try.

Ken Uchikura
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.

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Do you remember the Earthquake and Tsunami

March 11, 2011 ... March 11, 2011
2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami

9 Years Ago Today

March 11, 2011 ... The Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami happened. That is 9 years ago today. almost 20,000 people perished on that day. That was the beginning of the formation of PSP Children's Foundation.

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Coronavirus : This is what I think!!!

Coronavirus : This is what I t...
Here are some things I try to understand.

(1) It is a virus (regardless of where it started) not a group of people or a race.

(2) No need to panic. If I contract the virus, I will try my best to get better. Also I will do my best not to spread the virus.

(3) If someone I know gets infected, I will wish him/her well. And I will stay a away. Sorry.

(4) I will not use this situation to profit or make money. Have N95 mask for $95.00 ... Just kidding.

(5) I will not trust everything I hear from Internet, Media and Politicians. President Lincoln said "Do not trust everything you hear on Internet."

(6) If I can help someone in need, I will do my best without risking my own health. If I get sick, I cannot help anyone.

(7) I will not spread any rumor. I will not bad mouth anyone who gets infected. I will not scream "Fire" in the crowded theater.

(8) If I die from the virus ... I am dead ... I suffer no more. Nobody lives forever.

(9) This is not the end of the world. If it is, there is nothing I can do anyway. So why worry?

Can you add anything?
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Coronavirus Effect

Bellevue Square at 1!:00am /... Bellevue Square at 1!:00am / Sunday Opening Hour
This coronavirus is really going to hurt the economy.

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Costco Gas

Costco Gas Costco is under $3.00 Costco is under $3.00 Costco Gas
I filled up at local Chevron Gas Station yesterday. I usually fill pop at Costco .... It felt really expensive.
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140 Million ... What is this number?

140 Million ... What is this num...
Do you know what this number mean?


This is the number of people die every year.
That is over 38,000 people die every day.

Coronavirus killed abut 4,000 in last 3 months.
That is about 45 people everyday.

Coronavirus is a tragedy but number does not justify the panic behavior.
Let's be healthy and wash hands, stay away from unnecessary gathering.
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New Office

At least I got my computer wo... At least I got my computer working.
I have moved to a new office today.
The move is complete but I do not know how I put all those stuffs ...
It will take days.
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Coronavirus Update as of March 5, 2020

thread Coronavirus Update as of Mar...
Actually, Washington State where I live accounts for 11 out of 12 in total deaths in the US. Japan so far has 6 deaths and another 6 from Diamond Princess Cruise Ship.

China has the most cases and most deaths ... but the problem is I do not believe the number they are saying.

AT PSPinc, we have announced following policy.

  • If you would like to work remotely due to being sick, please work with your manager for approval and set the necessary guidelines on remote work.

  • Please alert your manager or if you or other household members have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 (coronavirus). You will then be asked to stay away from PSP for 14 days and we will try to work with you if you are able to work remotely.

  • If you have a fever, you are to go home and get well. Notify your manager and

  • Attached is a notice for preventive care and this will be posted in both the 1404 and 1402 buildings.

  • If you or a household member travels to any country with a travel advisory 3 or 4, please inform your manager and You may be asked to stay home for up to two weeks even if you are not showing any symptoms.

  • We all have co-workers, household members, family members or friends in the higher risk categories. We want to do our best to minimize risk to all those in our community.

  • Please use the available disinfecting wipes to cleanse your desk and associated work areas at the beginning and end of your shifts. We will try to disinfect common areas on a daily basis.

  • Please ask if you need any additional information or have questions. We have been gathering information and can give you additional COVID-19 (coronavirus) handouts we have gathered. Just contact

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    Business as Usual

    Business as Usual
    I went to a meeting in Seattle (Seattle Executives Association) today. I thought we will have very minimal people there because of Coronavirus. However, we actually had room full of people. We had discussion about changes ... For now almost all the companies are operation as normal.

    Nobody was wearing mask. I am so proud of people in the group not panicking at all.
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