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Newsletter Vol 50

Old and New Both represents ... Old and New
Both represents Japan.
Japanese Anime Heroes and Heroines

I do not know how many of you watch Japanese anime. I sometimes watch it on YouTube and I really enjoy it. However, in almost all Japanese anime, heroes and heroines are children. Often they are not even of high school age - I always wonder, why?

One thing I noticed that these characters have in common is that they are very naive and innocent. Yet they are usually put in a place where they are asked to fight the villains or save the world against their will. They endure some hardships, gain strength and then they awaken. That is when they will save the world.

People who like anime are often called “Otaku” in Japan. It is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, particularly in anime and manga. These are the people whom those types of anime are written for. Otaku people do not like the adult society and often wish to create and live in their own world. They do not really fit in to the work force.

They may be looking for an awakening like in anime. When you come to Japan, most of the people you see are no different from one another. Though behind the orderly society, there are a few who are misfits.

This is my 50th newsletter … my last newsletter lasted 10 years (1000 issues). I do not think I will go that far but I hope you have been enjoying the dialogue. I dedicate this issue to the people who perished in the fire at Kyoto Anime Studio.

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I have no coffee...

I have no coffee...
We3 have a new coffee machine at HQ. It is fancy coffee maker that we are testing. Because of that, everyone goes to HQ to get a cup of coffee. So nobody makes coffee any more at R&D building where I reside.

I have no coffee ... I am dinking tea.
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Steak in Japan

A cup of soup and small salad... A cup of soup and small salad to start. 400g or 14oz 400g or 14oz Rice ... Very Japanese Rice ... Very Japanese
how much would you pay for this?
It is a great rib steak.

I paid less than $30 in Japan.
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Newsletter Vol. 49 / Own Your Own Domain

Newsletter Vol. 49 / Own You...
Back to the Basics

I am currently in Japan working and relaxing at the same time. I can do this because I have very capable people running the company in Seattle. I thank them a lot. I need to work even harder to make sure we can maintain sustainable growth.

While I was at my parent’s house, I was asked a simple question from my parent’s friend, “When I change my Internet Service Provider, what is going to happen to my email address that came with the ISP?”. This is a very good question that I have not thought about for a long time as I have never considered using my ISP’s email address. If I use a Comcast email address for my email, when I cancel my Comcast service the Comcast email account will be gone.

My answer was - do not use the ISP’s email address for your email account. You will have a hard time canceling your ISP. This is one of the reasons why ISP’s want you to use their email address.

If you do not want to spend money, use Gmail, it is a good choice for your personal email address. That being said, I do not recommend the use of Gmail for your business. If you need email for your business, you should go with a hosting service provider like us. In our case, domain and email hosting for you starts at $99. Which is a small investment to make for your business.

In my case, I have for my personal domain. My family is using it as well, as I gave an email account to each of them.
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I missed company halloween costume day.

Nice!!! Nice!!!
I am very sorry that I missed the company halloween costume day. I would love to see them all.
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Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 48

Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 48
Happy Halloween from Japan

Why are streets so clean in Japan?

I am in Japan right now and where I am staying there are many people from overseas who are here to watch the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Tokyo. There are many people from New Zealand wearing all black where I am staying.

I heard them saying (in their NZ accent) that they are very impressed with Tokyo and how clean the city is everywhere. I visit Tokyo many times but I never think about how clean it is. I did not think about it because it is always clean. Even compared to Seattle, it is much cleaner.

Yesterday I was walking toward the station, and I saw a man cleaning the gutters of a public street. He was cleaning it like it was his own home. It is not the government’s job to make a city clean, it is the people who clean the city.

To make something happen, you cannot simply hire somebody and tell them what to do. It is the way people think, you need to start with education. If you do not learn to be clean, you will never be clean.
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Arrived in Tokyo

Beautiful Sunset Neat Incjeon K... Beautiful Sunset Neat Incjeon Korea My house nd office for next fe... My house nd office for next few days.
I arrived in Tokyo last night.
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Newsletter Vol 47

Daylights are getting shorter. Daylights are getting shorter.
Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 47
Business 101

When you started learning about business, what did you learn? The first thing that I learned was to “find needs and fill them”. So the task becomes to find what people want. A lot of the time people, including myself, mistake what consumers want with what you want to sell. I often need to take a step back and think - do people really want this?

It then gets more complicated when you add resellers into the mix. Our company sells 80% of our services through our resellers. So, you have to think about both what the consumers wants and what our resellers want. A lot of the time what resellers want is different from what the consumers wants.

I often face this problem when we create a product for consumers and present it to resellers. They take the product and start selling it as if it was for a different purpose than originally intended. Resellers want to sell what is easy to describe and explain to their customers. That often differs from what your product was designed to do.

I think it is our job to explain what our product’s purpose is. If the market wants a different product, then we really need to rethink what we have built. In the end, the products we make must be intended for the consumers. Find needs and fill them.


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Opinion Stand ... New Feature Internal Demo

PSPinc In-house demonstration! PSPinc In-house demonstration! We can customize buttons. We can customize buttons.
This is the first time that our sales and support people looked at the new feature of the Opinion Stand. Soon, people can change the icons you see on the screen. It can be simples starts to thumbs up or down. Or if your organization have a mascot we can turn your mascot into a button.
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Discrimination or Separation

There is no place for discrimi... There is no place for discrimination.
But everyone is not created equal.
Definition of discrimination:

The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

The key here is "unjust or prejudicial" ... But people are different. I wish to find the best position for the people.
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