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I will be 60 next year ... Time passes so fast. 60 is the age my father died. So, what can I do to leave my mark using the time I have left. We rarely think about the end. But it will come. We usually do not know when. So we need to make sure we do our best.

PSPinc Announcement July 17, 2018

PSPinc Announcement July 17, ...
July 17, 2018

Dear Customers:

We are pleased to inform you that all PSP mail servers have been replaced - along with a new storage set in our new data center this past weekend. These updates and upgrades have been made as an effort to recover from our mail server incident in early May. We would like to apologize again for the inconvenience this caused you during the past incident.

Our new data center has a brand new set of network gears along with two 10Gbps fibers to Tier 1 internet backbones, 10 times the bandwidth we have had in the past. We will continue to upgrade & improve our services to you all.

Thank you very much for being our customer.


Mayumi Nakamura
President & CEO

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Sign of Summer

Sign of Summer
When you see cherries in Washington State ... it is a sign of summer. It is our tradition send box of cherries to our clients in Japan for thanking them for supporting is.

Thank you!!!
#valueproposition #pspinc

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Hello CBDC Supporter!

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc (PSPinc) Children's Foundation, in partnership with the University of Washington Foster School of Business Consulting and Business Development Center (CBDC), is hosting a charity golf tournament on August 13th, 2018 to provide $25,000 in scholarships for students with significant financial need.

Participating in this golf charity event also provides a rare opportunity to play at Aldarra Golf Club, an exclusive members-only course designed by Tom Fazio on the original site of the Boeing family farm. Lunch and dinner will be provided.

You can choose to sponsor a hole, play a scramble, or by individual stroke and help raise funds toward student scholarships.

About the Cause: PSPinc strongly believes the sparks of future innovation will be lit by those who have overcome challenges presented by disasters or circumstances. By continuing higher education and partnering with the CBDC, these students will not only help themselves, but also help our community by becoming better business leaders of the future.

About the Couse: Built on the original site of the Boeing family farm, Aldarra offers a challenging par 71 layout that meanders through rolling terrain with stunning views of nearby Mount Si and the Cascade mountain range.

For event updates and to confirm your participation, please go to PSPinc's website for more information!

Sign Up >>>>>>>
#PSPChildrensFoundation #PSPChildrensFoundationCharity #UWFosterSchoolofBusiness #PSPChildrensFoundationCharityGolf #PSPinc

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PSPinc turned 31 years old today!!!

PSPinc turned 31 years old to...
PSPinc became 31 years old today.
Happy birthday to me ~~~

I went down to Olympia, State Capital to register Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. 31 years ago.

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Getting Ready for Japan Fair 2018

Getting Ready for Japan Fair 2... Getting Ready for Japan Fair 2... Getting Ready for Japan Fair 2...
See us at the Jaoan Fair 2018 starting tomorrow.
#marketing #pspinc #uchikuraco #japanfair2018

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Join me at PSP Children's Golf Tournament

Join me on August 13. At Alda... Join me on August 13.
At Aldarra Golf Club
2018 PSPCF UW Scholarship Golf Tournament
Please join me at PSP Children's Golf Tournament at Aldarra Golf Club benefitting University of Washington Foster School of Business. Here are some reasons why you should join me.

(1) Good cause ... Five $5,000 scholarship to UW Foster Business School Students.
(2) Play at one of the best private golf courses in the State of Washington.
(3) You can choose to play scramble or stroke.
(4) Box lunch.
(5) Full course dinner.
(6) Drinks (including alcohol drinks.) Drink responsibly.
(7) Carts provided.
(8) Meet sponsors at the tee grounds.
(9) 100% Charity Donation (Tax Deduction)

The cost is ...
Only $350 per person or $1,200 for foursome

If you are thinking about donation this year, this gives you the most return on your investment. Thank your your help.

If you have question, contact me.
#PSPChildrensFoundation #PSPChildrensFoundationCharity #PSPChildrensFoundationCharityGolf #PSPinc

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Dinner was Served

Dinner was Served Dinner was Served
People are working long hours to make sure we can deliver the products on time ... This was out dinner last night. People love Ezell's Famous Chicken.
#EzellsChicken #pspinc

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Apple Photos on Mac

I pay $10.00 for 2TB of iCloud ... I pay $10.00 for 2TB of iCloud storage.
I think we should build better photo storage software service.
I used to use Aperture software from Apple ... then they stop supporting it. So I had to switch to Photos ... The transfer was not very good and I had to re-enter a lot of text. Now with almost 133,000 photos, Photos is crapping out on me often. Apple is loosing its quality control.
#valueproposition #marketing #pspinc #uchikuraco

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Street Speed Reduced to 25Mph ... Update

Street Speed Reduced to 25Mph...
I reported on NE 8th reducing speed from 35 Mph to 25Mph few days ago. It is now reduced to 25Mph.

Well, actually city is doing some construction and lanes are reduces from 4 lanes to 2 lanes. That was the reason for this speed reduction of 10Mph. I understand the reason for this completely. But when it was announced, all they said was "Speed Reduced to 25Mph" with no explanation what so ever.

They should have communicate it better. It is important for any business to communicate better with customers and vendors.
#valueproposition #marketing #pspinc #uchikuraco

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Ashiya PC ... PC School for Elders

They are running a seminar t... They are running a seminar today.
My father is the head of an organization called Ashiya PC ... their mission is to teach elders how to use PCs so they can communicate better with younger generations.

PSPinc is providing the web hosting for this organization.
#valueproposition #marketing #pspinc #uchikuraco

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