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8TB External Hard Disk Drive

8TB External Ha...
I bought 8TB Costco Hard Disk Drive today TO COST FOR $166 + TAX.
When we started our data center, I do not think we had 8TB of disk space at the data center.
It is amazing.
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Newsletter Vol 46

Newsletter Vol 46
Veblen Effect
When people are asked to choose between similar items A and B, people prefer whichever has the higher price. So the very idea that your price must be lower than your competitor to compete with them is wrong. It is not your job to make your price lower, your job is to make sure your product has better value. The value may not have anything to do with the product itself.

One way is to come up with a better product name. Here are some examples of name changes. You may or may not know the original names of these companies, but you likely know their current names on the right. They have changed nothing about their products, but the name change made them what they are now.

It may be time to change my company’s name.

ZimRide -> Lyft
Backrub -> Google
Software Development Labs -> Oracle
AuctionWeb -> eBay
Price Waterhouse Coopers -> Bearing Point
Oak (Software) and Green before that! -> Java
Sound Around -> Walkman
Cellular One -> Cingular
Mosaic Systems -> Netscape
Fashion 21 -> Forever 21
Radar Oven -> Microwave Oven
Michael Kors -> Capri Holdings
Priceline -> Booking Holdings
WeWork -> We Corporation
Coach -> Tapestry
WeightWatchers -> WW
Salton Cooker -> George Foreman’s Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine
Wards -> Circuit City
Blue Ribbon Sports -> Nike
Firebird -> Firefox
Confinity -> Paypal
Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web -> Yahoo
Il Giornale Coffee Company -> Starbucks
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MacOS Reinstallation

To get this screen, you need t... To get this screen, you need to restart Mac while you are holding Command +Option + R MacOS Reinstallation MacOS Reinstallation MacOS Reinstallation MacOS Reinstallation MacOS Reinstallation MacOS Reinstallation MacOS Reinstallation MacOS Reinstallation
This I say forth attempts to install MacOS ... If this does not work, I have an appointment at Apple Store on this Saturday.
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Costco Pizzas

Costco Pizzas
Once in w hile I have to go to COSTCO and pick up things. When I go to COSTCO, I make an extra effort to make sure I buy pizzas for my company.

Today I bought pumpkin pies and ice cream bars.
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Veblen Effect

Veblen Effect
Something you should know.

Abnormal market behavior where consumers purchase the higher-priced goods whereas similar low-priced (but not identical) substitutes are available. It is caused either by the belief that higher price means higher quality, or by the desire for conspicuous consumption (to be seen as buying an expensive, prestige item). Named after its discoverer, the US social-critic Thorstein Bunde Veblen (1857-1929).

Read more:
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Newsletter Vol 45

Newsletter Vol 45

Omotenashi is a Japanese term used to describe a type of entertainment. It essentially means to please your guest. It is not something you need to work hard at, you can be trained to please your customers. Here are some things you can employ within your business.

* Smile at your customers
* Say “Arigato” or “Thank you”
* Call customers by their name
* Make eye contact
* Be honest
* Be sincere
* Answer questions by starting with “Yes” or “No”
* Start sentences with “Please …”
* Read between the lines
* Do not interrupt customers
* Do not talk too much
* Dress professionally

These will make your customers feel much more welcome and feel as if they are not being treated like “just another customer". It is important for customers to feel that they are special. This is what Omotenashi is all about. It is also important that you do this from your heart.

I was on one of the airlines crossing the Pacific. When I asked for something from a cabin attendant, she smiled and communicated with me. Though when she turned around, I could tell she was not smiling any more - she was acting. Acting is fine, just do not let the customer know.
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Custom Card Design and Creation

Custom Card Design and Creation
We do have staffs in Bellevue and San Diego who can design a card, posters, banners. This image above is a card created by our designer.

If you are interested in designing service of PSPinc, please contact us at 1-800-232-3989 or 425-957-0808 or
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Free CRM for your company!

Free CRM for your company! Free CRM for your company!
Try PSP PILOT ... Is is a free CRM software you can use.
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Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 44

Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 44

I am not really happy about the way people give an apology. When you say “I am very sorry to people offended by my action.”, you are not apologizing to all, you are giving an apology only to people who are offended. That means, you are not 100% feeling apologetic. Unfortunately, I hear this a lot. Also, when people apologize, they are apologizing only because of the consequences resulted from their action. That means, they are not sorry for what they have done. They are sorry that they did not get away with it.

Also, when you explain why you did what you did...that should not be a part of the apology. That is an excuse and should not be a part of an apology. Here are the ways to give an apology, I read, that usually will be well received. I read this in the article* which is listed below.

1. An expression of regret.
2. An explanation of what went wrong.
3. An acknowledgment of responsibility.
4. A declaration of repentance.
5. An offer of repair.
6. A request for forgiveness.

The offer of an apology must be 100% and not motivated by the consequences. That is what is missing a lot of the time by the people giving an apology. You should not offer any apology if you are not truly sorry. If you believe in your action, you should have guts to stick with it whether you are popular or not.
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I am a carpet cleaner today.

Before Carpet Cleaning Before Carpet Cleaning After You can tell the differenc... After
You can tell the difference, can't you?
I used the RugDoctor to clean some of the spots on the carpet at our office.
I think I did a good job. No, it was all machine.
Providing better working environment for everyone.
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