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Yellow Badges Presented to New Members

President Valerie Young of Wa... President Valerie Young of Warner Telecom Group (far right) with New Members
At our March 4 luncheon, we officially welcomed several new members to SEA by presenting them with their yellow badges.

Pictured from left to right...

Chris Johns, Director of Business Development with RB Content Lab - our Alternate contact for Creative Video Production & Services.

Matt Fairbanks , Chief Operating Officer with VECA Electric - our Main contact for Electrical Contracting & Data Cabling.

Dr. Dan Walsh, Doctor of Chiropractic with Graham Rehabilitation & Wellness Center - our Main contact for a Chiropractor.

Selina Clawson , Marketing Director with Accounting Solutions Partners - our Main contact for Bookkeeping.

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Leads Coaching Day

Leads Day Table Discussion Leads Day Table Discussion
Kudos to John Pletsch of Electric Pen and the Leads Committee for another great Leads Day program at yesterday's meeting.

The focus of Leads Day was "Leads Coaching". Each table had a "coach" that acted as a mentor to keep conversations going, encourage group discussion and provided coaching.

The objective of Leads Coaching Day was to share tips, tricks and ideas for giving leads and engaging in mutual business.

We received lots of great feedback from the coaches and participants.

Here are some leads sharing recommendations :

"Visit a Seattle Exec member at their place of business – it is the best way to learn and get educated about them so they would be able to promote their business in the future."

“We need to continue to educate ourselves about what each company does and my table felt that we should have random seating every meeting so that people are forced to sit with different Exec members every week."

“Give your office staff copies of the directory and remind them to use the services within.”

“Follow-up – check in with the person you gave the lead to – touch base.”

“Read the newsletter---“coat tail leads” they can react on---not specifically for them but they can do business with the person.”

“Thank members for the opportunity to submit a bid---don’t avoid then because you didn’t accept the bid.”

John Pletsch also announced that our lead reporting has dramatically increased in 2014. Hopefully after yesterday meeting, we can all stay on track at recording our leads and see another increase.

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Frank Palino & Kelly Madigan Plaque Day

Frank Palino of KING TV/KONG... Frank Palino of KING TV/KONG TV/NWCN and Josh Miller of Wire Craft Electric Kelly Madigan of Madigan Secur... Kelly Madigan of Madigan Security Consulting & Investigations and Lucille Noel of Edmonds Realty
Congratulations Frank Palino, Sales Manager with KING TV/KONG TV/NWCN/Gannett and Kelly Madigan, Sr. VP of Investigations with Madigan Security Consulting and Investigations. They both finished their “Fast Tracks” and received their membership plaques at our February 4 luncheon.

Frank is the Seattle Execs’ Television Media contact. His mentor was Josh Miller of Wire Craft Electric.

Kelly is our alternate contact for Security Consulting, Investigations & Armed Protection. Her mentor was Lucille Nöel of Edmonds Realty.

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Seattle Execs Are In!

Seattle Execs Are In!
Wednesday January 28 was “Blue Wednesday” at Seattle Execs as we celebrated the Seahawks return to the Super Bowl.

The 12th Man was out in force with 98 members in attendance and almost everyone sporting their Seahawks blue and green.

Thank you Frank Palino of KING/KONG/NWCN/Gannett for providing the #Twelfie sunglasses!

Go Hawks! Beat the Patriots and bring home a repeat!

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Welcome Richard Martin of RB Content Lab

President Valerie Young (in h... President Valerie Young (in her Seahawks regalia for "Blue Wednesday") with new member Richard Martin
At our January 28 luncheon, we officially welcomed a new member, Richard Martin of RB Content Lab to Seattle Execs by presenting him with a yellow badge.

Rich is the Owner of RB Content Lab and Seattle Execs contact for Creative Video Production & Services.

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12th Man Flags from Rainier Industries

12th Man Flags from Rainier I...
The Seattle Seahawks are returning to the Super Bowl!

Get your official 12th Man Flags from Seattle Exec's own Bruce Dickinson of Rainier Industries.

Rainier Industries' 12th Man Flags are made by Seattle Seahawks Fans - so they have the mojo to help bring home the Lombardi Trophy for a 2nd year in a row!

* 100% Polyester
* Available in 6 standard sizes
* Digitally printed, single-sided
* Indoor or outdoor use

Purchase at

Go Hawks!

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Congratulations Alden Graebner

Alden Graebner of Accutint Bell... Alden Graebner of Accutint Bellevue and Steve Greenbaum of Greenbaum Home Furnishings
Congratulations Alden Graebner, Marketing and Admin Manager with Accutint Bellevue. He finished his "Fast Track" and received his membership plaque at our January 14 luncheon. His mentor was Steve Greenbaum of Greenbaum Home Furnishings.

Accutint Bellevue is Seattle Execs' resource for Automotive: Protective Film and Detailing

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Welcome Mark Creek of Crown Moving Co.

President Valerie Young with ... President Valerie Young with new member Mark Creek
At our January 7 luncheon, we officially welcomed a new member, Mark Creek of Crown Moving Company to Seattle Execs by presenting him with a yellow badge.

Mark is the Vice President of Sales at Crown Moving. He is the Association's new contact for Moving & Storage.

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Welcome New President Valerie Young

From left to right - President... From left to right - President Valerie Young, President Advisor Cameron Smock, President ex officio Tracy Johnson and 1st VP Mayumi Nakamura
Valerie Young of Warner Telecom Group addressed Seattle Execs yesterday for the first time as President of the Association.

“Connecting People” is Valerie's motto for her term.

Here are some excerpts from her speech about "Connecting People" -

"I’m challenging all of us to get out there and develop relationship with your fellow execs. This will benefit us all. What better way to keep up with turning in leads than by getting to know your fellow execs better and what they and their business has to offer?"

"We have several new members this last year. Make it a point to introduce yourself before lunch, give them a call and learn about their business so that they can in turn learn about yours. This makes us all successful."

"If you want to make Seattle Executives work for you, don’t just show up at 12pm and leave at 1pm. Come early to lunch and mingle. Sit with different people each week; get involved with a committee or more than one committee. This will get you started on creating your own connections."

"The connections I’ve made have proven to be successful for me not only for my business, but on a personal level. You have nothing to lose by doing the same."

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Check Out the New SEA Website

Check Out the New SEA Website
The new Seattle Execs website is up and running. It has a new look and new functions. Thanks to Mayumi Nakamura and Ken Uchikura of Pacific Software Publishing for a fantastic job.

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