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This is the traditional Japanese breakfast!

This is the traditional Japanes... This is the traditional Japanes... This is the traditional Japanes... This is the traditional Japanes... This is the traditional Japanes...
By Keiko Fukuda

In August of 2017, an article titled “This May be the Best Traditional Japanese Breakfast in L.A. County” was published in LA Weekly. “Fukagawa” is the name of the restaurant, which was featured as LA’s best Japanese breakfast eatery in LA. This Japanese restaurant is located in a corner of the Pacific Square, a shopping mall in Gardena.

In 1992, the year I moved to the United States, this restaurant was already running at the same location. Now, there are a few Japanese-American hotels within walking distance from Fukagawa, and Japanese travelers who are staying in those hotels, especially the two closest ones, the adjacent Hotel Pacific Court, and New Gardena Hotel across the street, come to Fukagawa for breakfast since the restaurant opens at 7 A.M. They have, of course, local regular customers as well. I visited for the interview at 10 on a Thursday morning. Looking around the restaurant, I saw a wide variety of customers of various race and ages; a couple of Japanese-Americans, a group of elderly men, an Asian family who looked like tourists visiting LA during spring break, etc., all enjoying Japanese breakfast. The secret to the popularity of their breakfast menu is the freedom of combining a wide variety of selections. The basic set “A” consists of rice, miso soup, seaweed, pickles, eggs and cold tofu, which costs $7.50. From the egg-cooking option, you can choose worry-free raw, house-made dashi-maki, fried, or scrambled. If you add natto to “A”, it becomes the set “B”, which costs $8.75, and if you add broiled fish or steak to the set “A”, it becomes the set “C”, which costs $10.50 with fish, and $12.95 with steak. The set “D” is everything from the set “A” plus natto, and fish or steak, and costs $11.50 with fish, and $13.95 with steak.

“We are particular about the food ingredients we use. We procure fish, meat, and vegetables from trusted vendors. Especially, we use eggs, essential to Japanese set meals, which are certified to be used raw,” says the current manager Shoko Miyashita. The current owner took over the operation 3 years ago, and Shoko started to manage the restaurant 2 year ago.

“Aside from our breakfast menu, we are also proud of our katsu-ju, and tonkatsu. We highly recommend shabushabu, and sukiyaki to meat lovers for dinner, too.” Indeed, Fukagawa’s tonkatu, shabushabu and sukiyaki were already well known in the nineties. Despite the changes in their management, this place seems to have become even more popular since, in carrying over the signature menu items. I asked what the secret could be. Shoko said, “First of all, it is to give the best possible service. We strive to offer the kind of service that makes the customers feel like coming here again. That is what I tell my staff all the time. I also tell them to smile always. And, that would create a cheerful ambience of the restaurant.” The place is in the back of the mall, and does not have an exterior appearance that stands out. However, once you step into the space, you feel the Showa-era like nostalgia, and become surrounded with a warm atmosphere. You will be naturally drawn to the place knowing that you will be able to have comfy Japanese breakfast there. I was re-assured about that which the regular customers feel when I visited this place again this time.


2017年8月に「これがロサンゼルス郡で最高の伝統的な日本の朝ごはん(This May Be the Best Traditional Japanese Breakfast in L.A.County)」というタイトルの記事がLA Weeklyに掲載された。そのLA最高の朝ごはんの店として絶賛されたのが、ふか川。ガーデナのモール、パシフィックスクエアの片隅にある日本食レストランだ。







1630 W Redondo Beach Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90247
Sun.-Fri. 7:00am-2:00pm、6:00pm-9:00pm
Sat. 7:00am-2:00pm,5:30pm-9:00pm
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