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Japanese Sake Type Differ According to the Combination of Flavor and Aroma

In addition, Japanese sake type also differs by aroma and preparation method. The Sake Service Institute focused on the sake flavor and aroma to classify sake into four different types.
Sake type is classified by plotting the sake flavor onto the horizontal axis and sake aroma onto the vertical axis. Sake with concentrated flavor and aroma is designated as Mellow Sake, while sake with concentrated flavor but light aroma is Pure Sake, sake with subtle flavor but pungent aroma is Aromatic Sake, and sake with subtle flavor and light aroma is designated as Refreshing Sake.
Compatible cuisines and temperature are indicated for each sake type as reference to select your sake type for sampling.
Refreshing sake with no odd flavor is referred to as clean sake flavor. The lower the rice-polishing ratio, the cleaner the sake flavor. To the contrary, the higher the rice-polishing ratio, the more concentrated the umami flavor in the sake. Generally, aromatic sake is best served chilled, while rich sake is best served hot. Raising the temperature increases the umami and sweet flavors, mellowing the acidity of sake.
Heating both Mellow and Pure Sake produces more full-bodied flavors.
Rich sake refers to Japanese sake light and refreshing in flavor, while sweet Japanese sake is heavy and strong in flavor.



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