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Avocado HTML5 Clock Released

Avocado HTML5 Clock Released
Clocklink Users,

We have released a new HTML5 clock with an avocado style. It has different looks for AM and PM, and it’s available in four sizes. You can find the new clock in the Analog category. It will make a great addition to your blog or website!

As always, thank you so much for using Clocklink!
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Service Upgrades Complete

Service Upgrades Complete
We are pleased to announce that we have completed numerous upgrades to make ClockLink faster, smoother, and more powerful.

Your experience is super important to us, so thank you for visiting and using ClockLink!

By the way, have you seen our latest clock?

We just added a new Hours of Operation clock to support Restaurants Are Back. Head on over and try it out for yourself!

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Restaurants Are Back Hours of Operation Clock Added

Restaurants Are Back Hours o...
We have just released an all-new free clock to support the Restaurants Are Back campaign.

With this clock, you can define the hours that your business is open, embed it on your website, and display it proudly so your customers know whether you are open for business!

What is Restaurants Are Back?

Restaurants Are Back is a campaign developed by Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. (creators of ClockLink) to use the power of software to help support the restaurant industry, which has been hit particularly hard by the devastating impact of Covid-19.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. is offering a number of business tools completely free or at a significant discount to restaurants and those in the food industry.

If you know somebody who works in the restaurant industry please consider telling them about our all-new free hours of operation clock and about Restaurants Are Back
#Clock #FreeClock #HTML5 #Restaurants #RestaurantsAreBack #WebClock

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