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Unajyu for Lunch

Unajyu for Lunch Unajyu for Lunch
This lunch is 4,900yen ($45) ... Expensive?
Sure it was but it was really good.

It is called Unajyu うな重
Try it when you can.
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Usual Breakfast in Japan

Usual Breakfast in Japan
Unless I have a breakfast meeting with someone, I just pick up a sandwich from the convenience store and eat it. I picked this up o at the first floor of the hotel and was on 1/2 price because it was after 6:00pm.

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Arrived in Japan

Mt. Fuji Mt. Fuji Shinjyuku Diowntown Shinjyuku Diowntown Booth Mt. Fuji and Shinjyuku Booth Mt. Fuji and Shinjyuku
After 9 hours and 40 minuets, I arraigned in Narita. Took bus from the airport to the hotel. This the view from my room.

What you see is Mt. Fuji and Shinjyuku Downtown.
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