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Herbsprout is a webblog and podcast dedicated to sharing the health benefits of herbs, food, innovations related to our gut microbiome. Herbsprout seeks to bridge the vast chasm dividing the mainstream medical community, alternative medicine, and Asian medicine, especially of China (TCM), India (Ayurveda), and Japan (eJim & Kampo).

Using Classic models (Lotka-Volterra) to do microbiome research

Using Classic models (Lotka-Vo...
What is Lotka-Volterra modeling? It is the simple model of the population dynamics of species competing for common resource, according to Wikipedia. Because there are trillions of microbes in our bodies, it becomes a huge challenge collecting, breaking down, processing, packaging, then accurately making sense of the data in presentable formats. Thanks to computing, high throughput DNA sequencing enables the exploration of dynamics in microbial populations. Mathematical modeling and simulation of such microbiome time series data can help in getting better understanding of bacterial communities.

Researchers today are able to use an "interactive platform for generalized Lotka-Volterra (gLV) based modeling and simulation of microbial populations. The tool can be used to generate the mathematical models with automatic estimation of parameters and use them to predict future trajectories using numerical simulations", according to a February 22, 2019 Frontierso India report (see

"We have developed “Web-gLV” to bridge data delivery gaps to enable biologists to take advantage of the multispecies modeling and simulation without any programming expertise," adds the report. This way, scientists can focus on the Science and rely on the "Web-glv" for the computing and delivery.
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