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Herbsprout is a webblog and podcast dedicated to sharing the health benefits of herbs, food, innovations related to our gut microbiome. Herbsprout seeks to bridge the vast chasm dividing the mainstream medical community and alternative medicine.

A little history on the origins of Ayurveda

Dr. Vivek Shanbhag of Bastyr University explains that between 1,000 to 700 B.C. Ashrams gathered people together in India to discuss topics of the day such as health issues. Attendees of these open forums facilitated exchange of acquired knowledge; for example, about herbs and foods that help with certain health conditions. Out of these Ashrams evolved two main schools relating to health care, Atreya and Dhanvantari. Atreya became the school of physicians and Dhanvantari, the school of surgeons. Traditions such as chanting of mantras were gradually replaced by scientific thinking and solutions.

Veda means acquired knowledge and data research, which accumulated over thousands of years in India from the general Ashram meetings, according to Bastyr University's Professor of Ayurvedic Health Dr. Vivek Shanbhag.

The original text of Ayurveda are the trio - Charak Sambita, Sushrat Sambita, and Ashtang Hridaya Sambita.

Ayurveda achieved by pursuing these Four Goals of Life:

1. DHARMA - vocation, your calling, reaching your inner object of life
2. ARTHA - creating your resources, prosperity, attainment of outer objects, right possessionsof life
3. KAMA - enjoyment, achieving, fulfilling basic desires, emotional mind
4. MOKSHA - total freedom, not attached to anything, liberation from the limits of the other goals; infinite possibilities

Source: Dr. Vivek Shanbhag, Bastyr University, Ayurvedic Health Advisor Program, Kenmore, WA.
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