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Herbsprout is a webblog and podcast dedicated to sharing the health benefits of herbs, food, innovations related to our gut microbiome. Herbsprout seeks to bridge the vast chasm dividing the mainstream medical community, alternative medicine, and Asian medicine, especially of China (TCM), India (Ayurveda), and Japan (eJim & Kampo).

Gut bacteria strains found to prevent onset of Parkinson's

Gut bacteria strains found to p...
Parkinson’s News Today reported on April 08, 2020 that several strains of a bacteria Bacillus subtilis "inhibits, delays, and reverses" the buildup of the protein alpha-synuclein in Parkinson’s disease patients. The study, “Probiotic Bacillus subtilis Protects against α-Synuclein Aggregation in C. elegans,” was originally published in the journal Cell Reports. The building up of the protein alpha-synuclein, or Lewy bodies, is known to create the degeneration of brain cells in Parkinson’s disease (see source: ).

Last September. Herbsprout reported that scientists found evidence that Parkinson's disease may originate in the gut. Building on that discovery, scientists found the strains of gut microbes that may prevent Parkinson's, each finding building on the next.

It is not yet conclusive whether or not the a-synuclein build up occurs first in our gut, and before or after it reaches the brain. This study was tested in round worms, and is proven as a preventive measure. It is not able to treat Parkinson's disease but prevent it's growth. While further studies are required , it poses the possibility of a preventive dietary supplement, according to scientists involved in this study (see article

Other articles by Herbsprout include microbial treatments for Parkinson's, ; and Parkinson's disease may originate in the gut, .
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