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Pairing Japanese Sake with Foods


Bad pairing refers to the delicious flavor diminished when sake is paired with food.
Depending on the combination, the sake flavor may counter the flavor of the food, generating unpleasant aroma and texture.
In many cases for example, sake may enhance the odor of fish and seafood. On the other hand, we want to avoid combinations where the balance between the sake vs. food flavors are bad and completely overwhelms the flavor of the paired item.

Therefore, let’s confirm the following.
-Does Japanese sake pair well with other foods besides Japanese cuisine?
Japanese sake pairs well not only with Japanese cuisine, but also with various other cuisines such as Western, Chinese, and ethnic cuisines. In addition, Japanese sake also pairs well with food ingredients other than Japanese food products such as butter, cheese, and spices.

- Flavor of sake paired with food is characteristic by sake type.
For each sake type, certain combinations pair well. Depending on the sake classification type, food that pairs well differs according to the flavors and aroma.
For example, mellow sake pairs well with rich foods, pure sake pairs well with foods strong in umami flavor, refreshing sake pairs well with refreshing foods, and aromatic sake pairs well with light foods.
Now, let’s pair specific sake with foods.
The basic approach when selecting sake is whether to pair sake similar in flavor (to the food), or to pair the food with sake completely different in flavor. Combining sake with foods similar in flavor ensures the best compatibility. For example, sweet foods are compatible with sweet sake, while spicy foods are compatible with acidity sake. On the other hand, combining alcohol with a unique, different flavor can generate a new delicious flavor. This type of phenomenon is referred to as ‘marriage’ in the wine world, also slightly more difficult to pair.





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