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Honne and Tatemae


Honne are our honest thoughts and feelings and tatemae is what we are supposed to say in any given situation. (本音(ほんね)は、人が正直に思ったり感じたりしていること、建前(たてまえ)は、たとえ思っていたことでも、言わないほうがいいと思われることをいいます。)

Japanese people often avoid saying their honest feelings in order to keep harmony in their communities and society as a while. (日本人は、しばし共同体や社会の調和を保つために、本心をいうことをさける傾向があります。)

However, this culture causes misunderstandings between Japanese and foreigners, who may find these attitudes dishonest.(しかしながら、このような日本の文化は、それを不正直だと捉える外国人との間に、誤解をもたらしたりします。)
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One of the most popular pastime for Japanese people is to go and stay in Japanese ryokan which has a natural hot spring or an onsen.(日本人が最も好きな余暇の過ごし方は、温泉のある旅館に行くことです。)

Onsen with open-air baths called rotenburo have become popular among people of all ages. (外にある温泉は露天風呂といわれ、全ての世代の人たちに愛されてます。)

The best hot spring place in Japan I really like is Hakone. Hakone is located in Kanagawa Prefecture and it takes only two hours to go to Hakone from Tokyo by car. (私が日本にある温泉で一番好きな場所は、箱根です。東京から車でわずか二時間で行くことができます。)

The air is cool and nice and also there are so many good ryokan. (空気がきれいで澄んでいて、多くのいい旅館があります。)

I'm sure that you can feel Japanese Hospitality called "Omotenashi".(きっと日本の「おもてなし」を受けることができるでしょう。)

If you have free time and want to recover from your fatigue, you should visit Hakone, which is awesome. (もし時間があって、疲れを癒したいなら、ぜひ箱根を訪れてみて!ほんとに最高!!)
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Check our YouTube!!


Hi guys. (こんにちは、みなさん)
We started to upload a video to YouTube. (私たちは、YouTubeで動画を配信しはじめました。)

First video is about introducing members who are running (最初の動画は、JOL(japanese-online) を運営しているメンバーたちの自己紹介です。)

If you like this video, please subscribe this account. (もしこの動画を気にいったら、ぜひこのアカウントを登録してください。)

Also, If you have any questions and requests, please don't hesitate to give your comments and contact us. (また、何か質問や要望があれば、ぜひ聞かせてください。)
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Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony
Most of my friends graduated from their university today and it makes me really sad and I'm gonna miss them. (私の友達の多くが、今日大学を卒業しました。それは、とても悲しく、彼らと会えなくなるのは寂しいです。)

In the graduation ceremony I bring back my precious memories I spent in the college life with them.(卒業式では、私が彼らと過ごした貴重な大学生活の記憶がよみがえりました。)

Anyway, I want to thank them for giving me such amazing memories. (ともかく、最高の思い出をありがとう。)

I'm looking forward to seeing you again some day.(またいつか会える日を楽しみにしてるぜ。)
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Shibuya Crossing


Shibuya Crossing
Shibuya crossing is the world's busiest pedestrian crossing and also a popular place that makes the most traveler's list of top recommendations.

Thousands of pedestrian all cross at same time from five directions ( Up to 3,000 people use the crossing per green cycle.)

Why is the crossing so busy?.......

Shibuya is one of the major shopping districts in Tokyo and so many people are walking between various stores near the crossing. Also, there are so many things to do such as restaurants, movie theaters, karaoke. If you're bored and getting nothing to do, it would be good idea for you to hang out in Shibuya to kill some time.

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Japanese-Online Meeting in Japan

Japanese-Online Meeting in Ja...
Interns are meeting / having breakfast with Mayumi Nakamura, President of PSPinc in Tokyo. Hotel buffet breakfast is so good in Japan especially at Hotel New Otani, Tokyo. It cost 3,800 yen ($35) but with member's club, it has some discount.

It is good to see all of them.
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Tonki ... Tonkatsu ... Pork Cutlet

Tonki ... Tonkatsu ... Pork Cutlet Expect to sones $17 to $25. Expect to sones $17 to $25.
I am writing this blog to the people who are planning to visit Japan. If you like Japanese style Pork Cutlet called "Tonkatsu とんかつ", you need to try Tonki in Meguro.

This is one of the best Tonkatsu in Tokyo. But Tonkatsu is such a popular item in Japan, you can find many Tonkatsu restaurants and most of they are very good. But Tonki will serve in the counter only environment. You need to try this.
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Different Kind of Ramen

Different Kind of Ramen Different Kind of Ramen Different Kind of Ramen
Everybody likes Ramen. But have you ever had Tomato based soup Ramen?
It is very much like Italian spaghetti in the soup. When you have a chance, you must try this one.
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Depachika デパ地下

Depachika デパ地下 Depachika デパ地下 Depachika デパ地下 Depachika デパ地下 Depachika デパ地下 Depachika デパ地下
DepaChika means "Departmentstore" + "Chika Underground". It is the basement floor of department stores. In japan, Depachika is dedicated to selling food items. If you get there after 6:00pm, many of the items are discounted 30 ~ 50%.
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Japanese Breakfast at Sukiya

Japanese Breakfast at Sukiya Japanese Breakfast at Sukiya Sukiya is my favorite place fo... Sukiya is my favorite place for breakfast.
For less than $4.00, you can have great Japanese breakfast at many of the fast food restaurants in Japan. As you can see, there is nothing in this menu that is more than 410 yen.

Of cause you can spend $20 ~ $50 at the hotel to have buffet breakfast, but it is fun to go to those fast food restaurant?

You pick the item you want, you usually buy a ticket as you enter the restaurant. No tipping.
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