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I will be 60 next year ... Time passes so fast. 60 is the age my father died. So, what can I do to leave my mark using the time I have left. We rarely think about the end. But it will come. We usually do not know when. So we need to make sure we do our best.

PSPinc Web Development / Video - Beta

PSPinc Web Development / Vid...
I made this video as the first step.
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New Bathroom Floor

New Bathroom Floor New Bathroom Floor New Bathroom Floor New Bathroom Floor New Bathroom Floor
We now have a brand new floor for our bathrooms by Valley Floor Company.

We are working with Valley Floor Company to update their website.
#valueproposition #pspinc #marketing

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Newsletter Vol. 2

Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 2

Dear Reader,

This is volume 2 of my newsletter. I am starting to plan my schedule for 2019, the first thing on my 2019 agenda will be my trip to Japan starting on January 14. I usually go to Japan to visit our partner’s trade show in Tokyo but I will leave that duty to others from Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. I can visit the fair but I would be no help in promoting our products and service. I just scare people away.

I travel to Japan 4 to 5 time every year and it should get old but I always find something new in Japan. It might be the culture and atmosphere that is so different from the US. This time my mission is to find new business opportunities in Japan. That goes both ways. I would like to find a partner who can represent us in the products that we currently do not sell in Japan. Also, I would like to find a product or service that we or someone I know can represent in the US.

Since I'm taking up your time I should write about something useful. I am in the Internet business, I should talk about something about the Internet. Let’s talk about your domain. Did you know domain names used to be free? You could register any domain (if available) you wanted for free. That led to people registering copyrighted names as domains and selling those domains back to the copyright owners. Another practice was to register common domain names and sell them to the highest bidders. The most expensive domain name ever sold was INSURE.COM and it was sold in 2009 for 16 million dollars. The second most expensive domain name was SEX.COM and was sold in 2006 for 13 million dollars. Someone made a whole lot of money.

When you shop, do you go to physical shops or shop online? More and more people are shopping online. Here is a term you should know about online sales - B2B, B2C, and P2P. B stands for Business, C stands for Consumer and P stands for Person. When you sell products, if you are a business selling products to other businesses, it is called B2B. If a business is selling to consumers, it is called B2C. If a seller is an individual (not a business) selling to other individuals, it is called P2P. When you want to sell products, you need to know if you are B2B, B2C or P2P. Even if you are not selling anything online, you really need to clearly know what your business model is. It will reflect how the website is designed and how and where you promote your website.

If you have a question about Website design and functions … please let me know. If you have a good experience, please share it with me. I would like to learn from you. If you had a bad experience, let me know. I would like to learn that too. I am writing this newsletter to let you know what I know, but at the same time, I really like to know what you know. By you hearing from me, if you come up with a business idea, please share it with me. That is the purpose of my newsletter.

If you do not want to receive this email, please use the unsubscribe link. Your email will be deleted from my contact list immediately. If you want to add someone to this database, please list to add the email address. Please contact me with your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.
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Experimental Video

This is a short video I made.
This is a test only.

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My Lunch Today!!!

Steak Salad at 13 Coins in Bell... Steak Salad at 13 Coins in Bellevue, WA
I had a steak salad with my friend at Steak Salad at 13 Coins in Bellevue, WA.
It was really nice.

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My gift for Tiny

My gift for Tiny My gift for Tiny
I got a wheel chair for Tiny ...
His forward legs are little weak t use it ... I hope he can be little more mobile.
#TinyisHere #PompomwasHere

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Phishing Email

You may receive an email like... You may receive an email like this.
When you click on any part of this email, it will open a browser with following home page.
I went this far and went no m... I went this far and went no more.
You should not even be this far.

But when you look closely at following messages are there.
This is what it says at the website.

This is an independent survey and marketing website which is not affiliated with or endorsed by Amazon This website does not claim to represent or own any of the trademarks, tradenames or rights associated with any of the offers which are the property of their respective owners who do not own, endorse, or promote this website. All images on this website are readily available in various places on the Internet and believed to be in public domain according to the U.S. Copyright Fair Use Act. Offer shipping and handling fees may apply. *See manufacturer's site for details as terms may vary with offers. This website receives compensation in exchange for promoting third party offers. See important terms and conditions regarding this survey, site, and advertisement here.

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I ordered small things yesterday evening from
They arrived today.

I am very impressed.
#TargetCom #valueproposition #pspinc #marketing

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Bloguru Top 30 Users

Bloguru Top 30 Users
There are more Japanese bloguru users ranked in top 30.
4 of the top 30 are managed by me.
This blog is ranked 6th.
My Japanese language blog is ranked 4th.

#valueproposition #pspinc #Bloguru

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Microsoft Advertisements / Surface and Windows Phone



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