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  • How do you pronounce Japanese names?

How do you pronounce Japanese names?

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Ken Ichi Desu.
Ke Ni Chi Dewa Arimasen.
Japanese language does not have any space between the words. So, my name is written Kenichi. English speaking people pronounce my name as Ke ni chi. three syllables. But Japanese people pronounce my name as Ken Ichi. Two syllables.

When you look at my name in Kanji ... 憲一 ... is made of two Kanji Characters. One is pronounced Ken and other is Ichi. That is why my name is pronounce Ken Ichi.

Another example of this is Tokyo. 東京 is two Kanjis ... One is pronounce Tou and the another is Kyou. So the proper pronunciation is Tou Kyou.

Let's hear how you pronounce cities in Japan.
大阪, 横浜, 京都, 神戸, 福岡, 埼玉, 名古屋, 奈良, 横須賀, 広島, 鹿児島, 札幌, 長野, ・・・

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