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ファーストフード [Fa-a-suto fu-u-do]
“Fast food”


「ファーストフード」という言葉は英語の ”fast food” からきていますが、日本語で発音するときには「ふぁ・ あ ・すと」と長い母音(ぼいん)がはいり、“first” にちかい発音(はつおん)になります。「早い・安い・うまい」は、私たちの「一番(いちばん)」のみかたですね。

What kind of “fast food” do you think is unique to your country?
Although hamburger and pizza are popular, we do have some other fast food originates from Japan. For example, sushi, which is a staple of Japanese cuisine, began as a type of fast food in the Edo period. Even now if you go to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, you can eat sushi as soon as you take a seat.
Soba noodles are also enjoyed by many people. There are noodle stands that sell soba at train stations, which immediately feed busy people.

The phrase “fast food” comes to the Japanese language from English, however, it’s pronounced “fa-a-suto-fu-u-do” in Japanese. Notice the long “a” between “fa” and “suto.” This sounds similar to how Japanese people say “first.” When you do not have time to cook, “fast, cheap, and good” comes in “first” to save the day.

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