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朝食の卵・クロワッサンサンド 朝食の卵・クロワッサンサンド お昼は娘の差し入れでとんかつ お昼は娘の差し入れでとんかつ


今までは ANA, JAL, DELTA 直行に加えて ASIANA, KAL, CANADA と乗り継ぎで日本に行ったことはあるのですが、今年から新しいオプションができるそうだ。

(1)WESTJET でカルガリー・成田便がまもなく開通するそうです。


(2)Northern Pacific Airways という会社がアラスカのアンカレッジから東京に飛ぶそうです。



In a week, I will be on a business trip to Japan...for some reason, I'm feeling nervous this time. I wonder what's making me anxious.

Today, my daughter came over with her child. She asked me, "Isn't your grandchild cute?" but as it's my first time being a grandparent, I don't really feel it yet. Plus, the baby starts crying as soon as I hold them...

I haven't finished preparing for my trip yet. I'll start preparing bit by bit from tomorrow. The flight and hotel arrangements for this trip have already been made, but I looked into finding a cheaper way to get to Japan next time. Then, I found something interesting.

Until now, I've gone to Japan by direct flights on ANA, JAL, DELTA, and also with layovers on ASIANA, KAL, and CANADA, but apparently, there's a new option starting this year.

(1) WESTJET will soon offer flights from Calgary to Narita.

This is the second largest airline in Canada, and it seems like the Narita route is their way of expanding into Asia. The price hasn't been announced yet, but they'll be using a 787 for the flight. It's a waste of time to fly two hours in the opposite direction from Seattle, but the price is likely to be cheaper.

(2) A company called Northern Pacific Airways will fly from Anchorage, Alaska to Tokyo.

This company will use a single-aisle 757 for the flight. It should be no problem to fly to Anchorage on Alaska Airlines or similar, and Anchorage isn't too far off course either. It seems like they don't have full-flat seats even for business class, but I'm looking forward to the price.

Having various options is a good thing, I think.


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