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Play in the Steering System

When you sit in your car and wiggle the steering wheel, there are a few degrees of movement that do not affect the direction of the wheels. This is called "Play". Without this, your car will react to every movement and send too much information from your wheel to your steering wheel. Thus, the car will be very difficult or sensitive to drive.

I believe the same thing applies to your business. You can try to control everything, which will make your management style very strict and sensitive. People need some amount of "Play" in their work. Though, as with your car, too much and things will easily become uncontrollable. There is a need for some "Play" but not too much.

As a Manager, you need to know how much "Play" you wish to have as it pertains to your management style. Never allow too much "Play" in your steering, it's all about having the right amount. Do you agree?
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