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  • Using Web Tools to Simplify your Business Operation

Using Web Tools to Simplify your Business Operation

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As a current business owner, let’s say you’ve imagined opening another storefront, however this may prove difficult with higher operation costs. But what if you designed your new storefront to be a self-serving option for customers, avoiding the overhead?

One of our clients did just that, and it worked out really well for them.

For custom sign printing, our client’s business model requires its staff to spend time explaining signage options to customers, as well as designing their graphics. They provide quite a bit of customer service up front, even before a sign gets printed and shipped.

PSP helped this client construct and design a new online store, which included web tools that allow visitors to choose sign options and design their own graphics. We provided a set of drawing tools and a file manager to empower customers to upload or create their own designs and logos. Typically, those who are exploring purchasing options online are savvy enough to dive in and take charge of their own experiences.

The new tools eliminate the need for staff to consult with customers before a purchase is made, saving the business time and money. The storefront was given its own brand and identity, differentiating the online store to be more user-friendly with a different pricing structure.

You don’t need to brand your online store the same as your brick and mortar store. You just need to compare the cost of opening and operating the two, and make decisions to price the products and services accordingly. You also want to be aware that people who shop at your physical location will mostly likely have different expectations from people who shop at your online store.
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