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What is a Business Webinar?

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Now you are all set to conduct a virtual meeting – as long as your remote meeting participants also have the proper tools installed. Don’t forget your virtual meeting goes two (or more) ways so make sure everyone is capable of connecting.

What if your virtual meeting needs to be more like a seminar where many – potentially hundreds or more remote attendees – need to be present? Instead of calling it a virtual meeting, you may want to conduct a “Webinar,” which is a mashup of two words: Web and Seminar.

So what is a Webinar?

If you want to have a seminar where participants don’t need to be present at your location, or you want to host a hybrid of both live and virtual attendees, consider hosting a webinar – a virtual seminar.

A webinar is a great way to get more people involved. You can invite people to your live seminar, but for anyone who can’t come to your physical location, they can join virtually via the webinar and still get the training, class or demonstration you’re planning to present. Virtual attendees can still participate in Q&A, live chat, polls, surveys, quizzes and more. The host has a variety of options for how interactive they want the webinar to be.

Some webinar tools to consider that offer free trials (after which you must subscribe to the service), include: GoToWebinar, AnyMeeting, and Zoom. Check out these services and determine which one is right for you.
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