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  • How food delivery services can affect your restaurant

How food delivery services can affect your restaurant

How food delivery services ca...

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a lasting impact on businesses of all sizes. One industry that has had to adapt its business model in order to survive has been the restaurant and food industry. Gone are the days of packed restaurants, friendly servers, and dining as a social experience.

Beyond the empty dining rooms, restaurants around the world are noticing another factor that is affecting the bottom line - the increased focus on food delivery services.
Food delivery person
More people are eating delivery and take-out than ever before. Restaurants have begun shifting their business model to cater (no pun intended) to “to-go” dining, this has led to an increased reliance on food delivery services like DoorDash, Postmates, and UberEats to name a few.

While these are fantastic services that have been a lifeline in some cases to keeping small businesses afloat, they have added an element of unpredictability to the relationship between the restaurant and the customer. What does this mean for restaurant owners?

Like it or not, food delivery services are representing your business.

While delivery drivers operate independently, to many of your customers, they represent your business while they are delivering your food. That means cold food, and long wait times (in some cases) end up being a reflection not on the driver, but on your restaurant.

If a customer has a bad experience, they may rate the driver poorly, but they also may decide not to patronize your restaurant in the future because of it. Through no fault of your own!

How do you ensure your customers are satisfied not just by your food, but of the food delivery services as well?

We have developed a system called Opinion Stand ® that is designed to measure your customer’s satisfaction in their dining experience.

Opinion Stand ® allows your customers to provide contactless feedback all from the comfort of their individual smartphone.
Opinion Stand ®

How does it work?

Embed an Opinion Stand ® generated QR or text message code on your delivery and take-out flyers. Your customers simply scan or text the code and they receive a link to use Opinion Stand ®.

From there they click on a smiley icon to describe their overall experience and can provide you with additional details.

Learn more about how Opinion Stand ® is convenient and contactless for your diners.

Benefits of using Opinion Stand ®

  1. Learn about your customer’s dining experience once the food leaves your restaurant.

  2. Gain valuable contact information to support your future marketing efforts.

  3. If the food delivery experience was less than ideal, you have a chance to address the problem before your customer takes their bad experience to Yelp.

Papyrus delivery flyer sample

Don’t leave your food delivery to chance - use Opinion Stand ®!

The food industry is constantly changing, and with Opinion Stand ® you can be proactive and change with it. We would love the opportunity to speak with you about the challenges you are facing as a small business and how we can help.

We can custom tailor the icons, questions, and messages for each Opinion Stand ® to meet your unique business needs.

To get started call us toll-free 1-800-232-3989 or email us directly at

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