Pad Thai To Go

No, this isn't the first time I have written about Pad Thai - and to be honest it won't likely be the last. Today I tried out a new service called Uber Eats.

With this service I download the app, find a restaurant, pick a dish, order it, and it's delivered to me! This is really helpful for me as my work days are extremely busy and I don't often have enough time to run out and grab lunch. The food prices are typical restaurant rates, but you do pay an additional $3.00 delivery fee. At first this seemed really high to me, but then when I thought about a tip percentage while at a restaurant - the price is comparable. The benefit here is the convenience. You get an ETA, the name and description of the driver's car, I was very impressed.

Today I chose the restaurant Noodle Land and decided to give their Pad Thai a try. While it wasn't quite up to the quality of Thai Kitchen's (see my first post) they certainly gave you a lot of food. So it was a really good value.

The delivery driver was friendly and quick. There is no need to tip the driver it is a quick exchange and you are on your way to enjoying a fantastic lunch.

If you are interested in trying Uber Eats please use my special code below when you register for the first time. You will get $10 off of your order, and I will get $5 off of my next order.

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