Filet Mignon & Prawns w/ Rice Pilaf & Green Beans

I am not always a fan of just eating hunks of meat, but when you are dining at a fancy place you should eat fancy foods.

On a beautiful evening I was lucky enough to be able to eat this juicy medium rare filet mignon. It was served with prawns, rice pilaf, and green beans. The green beans were admittedly my least favorite part of this meal - yet still turned out really well.

While a glass of red wine would have paired very nicely with this lovely meal, I am more of a beer lover. Specifically, I love IPA's and they happened to have my favorite IPA on tap - Black Raven Trickster IPA. If you find yourself in western Washington, I recommend you checking it out. And if you enjoy golf and good food, the Aldarra Golf Club in Sammamish, WA is a great location.
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A Juicy Filet Mignon

I recently attended the Lenny Wilkens Foundation Celebrity Auction Dinner in Bellevue, WA. The foundation is a pillar in the community and supports children and providing them with the best health care available. It is a great cause.

The auction dinner is always a very fun event and the food is always phenomenal. This year's menu featured a succulent Filet Mignon. It was extremely juicy and cutting into it there was very little fat and it was cooked perfectly.

Along with Filet Mignon there was some delicious scallops and a bed of mashed potatoes. Green beans were the final piece of the puzzle that added a little color to the dish. It was like the bow on a perfectly wrapped present and delivered straight to my stomach.
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