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Thai Kitchen Alternatives: Yum Neuh Beef Salad

Thai Kitchen Alternatives: Yum...
Welcome to Part 2 of my 4-part series on "Thai Kitchen Alternatives"! I hope you are enjoying reading these as much as I did eating, photographing, and writing about them.

Today I will cover Yum Neuh Beef Salad. Please don't quote me that I have the name correct - I was calling it 'beef salad' while I ate it (how North American of me). Generally I associate rice noodles, rice, and curries with Thai cuisine. Not often do I think of ordering a salad.

I was glad to have tried this one out. It would make a great appetizer split amongst several people for sure. It was a light fragrant meal. A bed of romaine lettuce topped with tomatoes, cilantro, mint, lime juice, and smoked chili sauce - what a great way to start a meal.

While yesterday's dish isn't an alternative I would be adding to my rotation, this salad made a great shareable portion for the next time I am out eating with my wife. Well done Thai Kitchen!
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Thai Kitchen Alternatives: Panang Beef Curry

Thai Kitchen Alternatives: Pana...
If you go all of the way back to my second post you will see that I love Pad Thai. Particularly Pad Thai from Thai Kitchen. The problem with this is that it means I rarely venture to try new things. Well I recently tried a number of delicious Thai Kitchen dishes that provided both variety in appearance and flavor.

This will be the first a 4-part series on "Thai Kitchen Alternatives".

Today's entry is Panang Beef Curry. Admittedly, when I do eat curry it is almost always Green Curry. I find the flavor of the curry and the combination of vegetables to be right up my alley. This one had a much more rich flavor in the curry itself. While I didn't love that the beef came in huge blocks (I prefer thinly sliced) it did have that 'melt in your mouth' quality as it fell apart with each bite.

Served with tomatoes and basil - it almost had a soup-like quality perfect for those chilly Fall days. While not my favorite, it was still an enjoyable dish and I was glad to have tried it.
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Cowboy Burger

Cowboy Burger
Yeehaw! I love a good hamburger. So when one of my favorite local brew pub, Bellevue Brewing Company, makes some menu changes and finally offers a hamburger, I get a little excited.

It's always odd visiting a brew pub with such delicious beers and not ordering one, but as it was lunch time - I did the responsible thing and had some water to wash down my tasty hamburger.

How tasty you might ask? Well the patty is ground beef and chorizo pressed together into a juicy homemade piece of deliciousness. Then that is topped with BBQ pork AND bacon. Carefully brushed with a garlic aioli it was the perfect blend of seasonings and flavors in a hamburger.

If I had any critiques it would be this, it was a little messy. The meats were all very juicy which led to an abundance of liquid soaking in my plate. A napkin is necessary when dining on this burger, but the end result was totally worth it. It was served with a side of coleslaw as well. While I like coleslaw, Bellevue Brewing Company needs to offer french fries to their patrons. It's the ultimate side for a hamburger and a necessity in my humble opinion.

In the market for a tasty meal and an ice cold beer? Head over to Bellevue Brewing Company!
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