Thai Kitchen Alternatives: Panang Beef Curry

If you go all of the way back to my second post you will see that I love Pad Thai. Particularly Pad Thai from Thai Kitchen. The problem with this is that it means I rarely venture to try new things. Well I recently tried a number of delicious Thai Kitchen dishes that provided both variety in appearance and flavor.

This will be the first a 4-part series on "Thai Kitchen Alternatives".

Today's entry is Panang Beef Curry. Admittedly, when I do eat curry it is almost always Green Curry. I find the flavor of the curry and the combination of vegetables to be right up my alley. This one had a much more rich flavor in the curry itself. While I didn't love that the beef came in huge blocks (I prefer thinly sliced) it did have that 'melt in your mouth' quality as it fell apart with each bite.

Served with tomatoes and basil - it almost had a soup-like quality perfect for those chilly Fall days. While not my favorite, it was still an enjoyable dish and I was glad to have tried it.
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