Thai Kitchen Alternatives: Thai Iced Tea

It's not just food that can be suge oishi - drinks sometimes fit the bill as well. That is exactly what we will be covering in part 3 of "Thai Kitchen Alternatives" today.

Normally when I visit Thai Kitchen I stick with water. That is generally due to my love of all things spice. On a scale of 1-5 stars, I eat my food at a 5 star level. During this particular visit to Thai Kitchen I stuck to a more mild temperature for these dishes.

To wash down the epic flavors of Thai food, I decided to have a Thai Iced Tea. Not only is this drink a lovely orange color, but it is very refreshing. It may look rather creamy but like the Yum Neuh Beef Salad featured in part 2 - it was very light.

While I will continue to stick with water for the majority of my visits - a Thai Iced Tea is a nice change of pace when you want something different.
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