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  • Thai Kitchen Alternatives: Tom Kah Soup

Thai Kitchen Alternatives: Tom Kah Soup

Wow the last few posts seem to have flown right by! Here we are at the final of my 4-part series on "Thai Kitchen Alternatives". Overall my experience trying some different dishes has been very positive. I will likely continue to indulge in their delicious Traditional Pad Thai in the majority of my visits - but I will be sure to mix it up once in awhile!

Today's entry is on the Tom Kah (coconut chicken) soup. Full disclaimer, I don't consider soup a meal. It is a side/appetizer at best. That being said, the portion they give you at Thai Kitchen is pretty impressive.

This soup contains chicken and mushrooms cooked in a coconut broth. The number of mushrooms and chicken present give it almost a hearty appearance, which helps me as far as the perception of this being more than an appetizer. Within the soup you will also find galanga (of the ginger family), lime leaves, and lemon grass. It is topped with cilantro to add to the presentation.

Like the Panang Curry in part 1, this is a great Fall dish when the weather starts cooling down. The portion is perfect for sharing if you want to split this with somebody else and still order an entree, which I am likely to do on my next visit.

Well there you have it, that concludes the 4-part series on "Thai Kitchen Alternatives". I hope it was informative and gave you a few ideas on different things to try should you be in the Bellevue area with a hankering for quality Thai cuisine.

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