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Kansas City Pulled Pork Sandwich

Kansas City Pulled Pork Sandw...
I recently visited Sharps Roast House in Seatac, Washington to try some of their in-house smoked BBQ, and I was blown away.

First, this is right near the Seatac Airport, an area I don't normally associate with great dining experience. Second, this isn't a chain yet the entire operation looked very professional, clean and most importantly unique.

When you walk in you see they have whiskey barrels rotating as they are oak aging their own blend of bourbon whiskey. I was there for lunch so I didn't get a chance to sample that. Nevertheless I am sure I will be back soon to give it a taste.

For lunch I had the Kansas City "Pulled Pig" sandwich and french fries. The fries were seasoned and fried to perfection. It was a great blend of light and crispy. The sandwich itself was their pulled pork soaked in their homemade KC sauce. It was topped with coleslaw, fried onion strings, and mayonnaise and served on a delicious bun.

These ingredients sound extremely simple, but the way it was put together and the quality of the meat in question created an amazing sandwich. My only complaint (and a compliment at the same time) is that there was so much meat that it came spilling out the back. What is BBQ without getting your hands dirty, right?

I highly recommend checking out Sharps Roast House, and I am super excited to come back to see what other delicious meals they have on the menu!
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