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When you try to change something, you will always meet resistance. People are comfortable, or I should say, people, are very used to what they have and do not want to change anything. But without change, you are at a standstill. With the change, you are changing. Is it better to change? Only time will tell. But without change, you will stop growing. That is not acceptable.

I am trying to change the company. I am asking people to embrace the changes. Some took it well and some did not. But that is with all changes . Now I have to change myself. I am not in charge of the department. I am in charge of the company. I need to make sure I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

I do have good people around me. It is time for them to take charge. I need to focus on the company as a whole not one detail at the time. That might be the biggest challenge for me. Letting go something you did is hard to do. But that is the change we need to embrace.
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