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Business Communication: Setting Core Values

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Communication is a very broad topic in business – it includes internal communication between staff, from management to employees, and it also includes external communication to the public through branding, advertising and PR.

One of the key elements in business communication is persuasion. How do we get people to trust us, believe our stories and get on board with what we do? A big part of doing that is getting your internal values and communication in sync so the message you put out to the public is consistent.

Since it’s the beginning of a new year and time to communicate our company goals with the team, I thought I would write down some of the key points and share them with you as well. We call these our “core values.”

At PSP, have 5 core values:

• Creativity:
We are here to be creative and innovative so we will stay ahead of our competitors.

• Professionalism:
Customers seek our advice because we are the pros. Demonstrate knowledge and professionalism.

• Simplicity:
Let’s not confuse customers or each other. Simplicity can provide efficiency.

• Consideration:
Putting ourselves in each other’s shoes should guide our response and actions.

• Excellence:
Always seek improvement. Never compromise.

Setting and sharing your internal core values is a good way to keep your employees in sync – who are coming from different departments, have different motivations, job descriptions, and even come from different generations and backgrounds.

Core values serve as a guideline for employees to follow and they should be shared and talked about within your organization all the time. It’s fine to share those core values with your customers too, as long as they’re being met internally. Have you considered your business’ core values?
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