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Step out of your Business Comfort Zone

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Doing the same thing the same way might be comfortable, but is it helping your business progress? That’s the question of the day.

The formula for success is simple: you make a profit by earning more revenue than your cost. So we often focus on ways to increase our revenue, but what if we could also cut costs? And remember, time is costly too.

One of our clients needed help making their process more efficient, cutting back on the time, energy, and especially manpower to make their operation work…

The company has a very data-entry driven process, which includes multiple steps, such as data collection, compiling, confirming and entering the data into multiple places. We discovered they not only spent a lot of time entering the same thing over and over, but during that process, mistakes were being made.

They had at least three to four people touching the data; first on paper, next on the whiteboard, into Excel, and finally onto their server database. For every touch point, there was a new person involved.

PSP came up with a solution. First, we spent a good amount of time analyzing the flow of data entry and understanding each person’s job. Then we created a single point of data entry via browser, where multiple people can view the forms. Not only did we eliminate the need to enter the data multiple times, but we helped improve the client's overall business process, making it more efficient, accurate and secure. Our new system also gave them access to the data from multiple locations.

This business bravely stepped out of their comfort zone and look what it got them – an entirely upgraded process that will same them time, effort and money.
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