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History of PSPinc’s Logo

History of PSPi...
Vol. 4

Today let’s talk about the history of the PSPinc logo. A company logo gives people a first impression of what that company is like. It also tells a vivid story of the company’s philosophy.
PSP logo now

This is the current PSPinc logo. At first glance, the meaning looks a little bit vague, however, you will find the sloped spelling of PSP after taking a closer look. It was designed on purpose to convey the philosophy and history of PSPinc.

PSP logo before

This was the original logo from when PSPinc was first founded, which has a more intuitive design. Back in the late 1990s, PSPinc had been providing services targeting the Japanese market through retailers. It was requested by the retailers that the products be more like their branding, so the logo was changed to the current one and then placed on product packaging. Since that time, PSPinc’s President, Kenichi Uchikura, has held the philosophy that work should always be carried with pride and responsibility, even if it is not seen by other people.

After Mayumi Nakamura took the position of President in 2009, the「」were added to the logo to convey the meaning of “outside-the-box”. With the hope that more original ideas can surpass existing restrictions.

A quick fun fact about the company color of PSPinc. The idea of choosing a brick red color came from the university Kenichi Uchikura had previously attended.

All of that being said, you can learn about PSPinc by how the company logo has changed over the years.

Kenichi Uchikura
President / CEO
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
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