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PSPINC What's New Newsletter Vol.61 "What is a Server"

PSPINC What's New Newslette...
Vol. 61

We often use the word "server" when talking about the Internet. What is a server? Some people ask me if a server is a type of device or a specific OS (operating system). For example, in my company, we have over 500 servers in our data center. It sounds great, but what does it mean?

What is the difference between a server and the PC that you are using?

The answer is, that both your PC and the server are basically the same. The PC you are using can be used as a server. However, a server has its role and certain modifications to perform that role. Let's look at the hardware differences, which are just modifications to keep the computer running stably, and are not absolutely necessary.

  • Duplicate power supplies so if one of them breaks, your server can still run.
  • The network cards are also duplicated so that if one of them breaks, your server can still run.
  • More memory than a normal PC
  • It uses multiple, high-speed CPUs
  • More disk space

These are some of the ways a PC and a server differ, but beyond that, there are no other major differences.

Next, let's consider the usage.

On a PC, individuals use various software to do their work.

A server processes and delivers the necessary data to a large number of users.

A PC allows users to install and use any software they want, such as word processing software to write sentences. A server, however, is not something that an individual user can install and use as needed. From the beginning, the software installed on a server is determined based on its use. For example, a server with mail server software installed is designated to be a mail server. A server that stores data is called a storage server and a server that hosts websites is called a web server.

This is the difference between a server and a PC. Servers are difficult to set up and require expert knowledge to maintain and operate. This is the reason why people don't have servers in their offices.

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