Web de Xpress Web Builder

Web de Xpress Web Builder Our web hosting service comes with very easy to use web building system called Web de Xpress. It is so easy even a dog can use it ... not really.


Web de Xpress is a template driven web development and maintenance software. It can automatically create a web for PC and Mobile devices.

Golf in The Rain

Golf in The Rain It rained all day today. I played golf in the rain today. It was not a heavy rain, so that was not too bad. I shot 50 and 45 today. It took sometime to get used to wet condition.

It rained today.

It rained today. It rained today. Can you see from these pictures that it rained this afternoon. The temperature is less than 70F. It is 20F cooler than two days ago. I like it this way.

Are you serious?

Are you serious? Are you serious? Are you serious? I saw a truck I believe to belong to Cummins Northwest. I think it is a reputable company. But when the break lights come on, you can see "Nazi Swastika" symbol comes up. It is not a fluke, the symbol is on both side of the tail light. The picture was taken at Today 8:23am on 140th and NE 8th. The car turned into Shell Gas Station.

Are you kidding me?
I reported it to Cummins Northwest using their form. I do not know if I get any response. I will keep you posted.


iCloud Down

iCloud Down It looks like iCloud is down.
Whether it is Google, Microsoft, Amazon or Apple, all the service that you can use will go down once in a while.

Home Page Building Made Easy!!!

Home Page Building Made Eas... Our Web hosting service comes with Web Builder and Contents Management system called Web de Xpress for FREE. It is template based easy to use system designed and developed by PSPINC.

For more information, take a look at http://www.webdexpress.com

This site is built using Web de Xpress.

Weather Forecast in Seattle

Weather Forecast in Seattle Simply said, all the weather forecasts in Seattle sucks.

Today's high was supposed to 81F, but it now 86F.
It is warmer (hotter) than Los Angeles, Tokyo and Ashiya (where I was born).
I wonder what is the weather forecast success rate is in Seattle.
It must be one of the worst in the US.

Notebook PC or Microsoft Surface???

Notebook PC or Microsoft Surf... I would recommend Microsoft Surface (3 not 2 or RT) to people who is looking for mobility for the computing needs. But looking at prices of Microsoft Surface 3, I can't really recommend it. Like the one you see in this photo, your need to spend $1,300 dollars and it does not come with a keyboard.

For that price, you can (1) buy a really nice ultra portable not book PCs from lenovo, DELL or HP, (2) buy a Macbook Air. It looks like those Surface 3 costs a lot to make but you really need to have the price compete at iPad to make sense.

NMSDC Golf Today

NMSDC Golf Today NMSDC Golf Today NMSDC Golf Today NMSDC Golf Today NMSDC Golf Today NMSDC Golf Today NMSDC Golf Today played at Northwest Minority Business Council Charity Golf Tournament at New Castle today. This is a first tome play at New Castle this year. It was another warm day withe temperature running over 90F.

I walked over 11,000 steps today … not too bad for golf with a cart.

Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the Air Fall is in the Air Fall is in the Air Fall is in the Air Fall is in the Air Fall is in the Air Fall is in the Air Fall is in the Air Sure it is sell very warm for Seattle. Actually, the temperature is going to be about 10F above normal for next few days. But the sky is starting to look like fall. This morning was no exception.
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