CarPlay … iOS for Cars

I want this.
But I want bigger... I want this.
But I want bigger screen.
Almost all cars... Almost all cars …
I thought FORS and TOYOTA was sticking with Microsoft
Do people need iPhone???
So... Do people need iPhone???
So CarPlay is just a display???
How does the CarPlay commun... How does the CarPlay communicate with iCloud?
Through your iPhone???
Reading is good.
Much better ... Reading is good.
Much better than people viewing and typing.
Of cause ... Of cause ... Google Map or …... Google Map or ….. Touch screen is enough. Touch screen is enough.
See more at Apple Website.

@ Seattle Executives Association

@ Seattle Executives Association
every Wednesday lunch.

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I went to Staples and bought pencils, drawing paper and rulers. I have not done this for a long time. I was going to use CAD software that have, but when I try to use CAD software, my mind must be concentrated on how to use CAD than being creative. So, I decided to go back to a pencil and paper.

New we are starting ...

I'm going to start designing and developing a prototype … and it is not a software.

Sleepy Monday

Tiny Tiny Pompom Pompom
Dogs make you sleepy.

First Golf in 3 Weeks

First Golf in 3 Weeks First Golf in 3 Weeks
I played golf in the rain today. I shot 46/44 = 90 today. I am stating to think this is as good I am going to get and I should just enjoy it rather than trying to be what I am not.


Business Opportunities / Apple Watches

Business Opportunities / Apple... Business Opportunities / Apple... Business Opportunities / Apple... Business Opportunities / Apple...
Did you know back in 1995, PSPINC and were the exclusive distributor for Apple Watch … back then, they were manufactured under the license from Apple Computer, Inc. We used to distribute many Apple Macintosh software to Japan as well. We still have some unboxed new Apple Watches left in our storage.

Soon after Steve Jobs came back to Apple, he decided stop licensing Apple Name, logo and Operating System.

Macintosh Memory Issue

Macintosh Memory Issue
Yesterday, all of sudden I got a message on my MacPro saying it is out of memory and I needed to close some application programs. I closed few apps but I got the same message again. I rebooted but it does not take very long to use up all 16GB of memory. Something went really wrong but I had no idea. Some application software was using up all my memory but I did not have any application open at that point.

I have decided to reinstall Mac OS X from the backup I took todays ago on my external drive. I took about two hours to reinstall but it is working well today. I wonder what went wrong.


Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration Inspiration
Here are some pictures I found on the net. Does any of those image inspire you to create a new product?

Something You Should Know

Something You Should Know

There are few things you should know about photograph. But do not contra tin yourself to those rules. Take more images than you think you need. You will never know what you get. Some of the best pictures I have ever taken were by accident.

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