Traveling to Tokyo Tomorrow

I am leaving my parents house in Ashiya and traveling Tokyo. Have 5 more nights in Japan.

Alibaba Went Public Today

Alibaba Went Public Today It's another Chinese company went public today. It is the largest IPO in the world.
I have never purchased anything at Alibaba before ... I need to take a look at it.
It is a direct competitor to Amazon ... or is it?

iPhone 6 Now Available

iPhone 6 Now Available I went to Toyota Dealer today. There is an AU shop within it.
There is nobody lining up at this AU store and there are some already available.
Because this is an AU store you cannot buy a SIM FREE version.

I heard iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are cheaper in Japan than anywhere else in the world because of weaker Yen. There are many Chinese people lining up to buy iPhone 6 in Japan.

Meeting in Kobe

Meeting in Kobe I had a meeting in Kobe this morning. The next door to the meeting was "Center for Developmental Biology" or 理化学研究所 発生・再生科学総合研究センター in Japanese. I did not know this place was in Kobe.

Post Test From iOS8

Post Test From iOS8 i am testing too see if Bloguru App works on iOS8.

Sent via bloguru mobile.

Japanese Carrier Service

I am moving to Tokyo in two days. I will pack a suitcase today and ship it to my hotel in Tokyo. It will cost only about $18 and it should get there in one day. I can also send a golf bag to any golf course in Japan for about $27 round trip. If I do that using FEDEX in the US, it will cost me ten times that.

This carrier service in Japan is unbelievable.

This is where I am

This is where I am This is where I am This is where I am This is where I am This is where I am This is where I am This is where I am This is where I am I will show you exactly where I am using Google Map.
I used zoom out to show you where I am in Japan.
It is kind of cool I can do this.

From Seattle to Osaka

Korean Air is a Sky-Team Me... Korean Air is a Sky-Team Member. The light blue 777-200 is what... The light blue 777-200 is what I am going to be on. At Sea-Tac At Sea-Tac Bording Bording Korean Air was about half the... Korean Air was about half the price of DELTA and ANA. Arrived at Incheon
It is a big... Arrived at Incheon
It is a big Airport.
I had to walk 20 minuets to get to connecting gate.
Incheon had very good Free W... Incheon had very good Free WiFi.
It si very important.
Incheon Airport is like a huge... Incheon Airport is like a huge shopping mall. Got on the bus to get to the As... Got on the bus to get to the Asiana flight. The plane was parked in the ... The plane was parked in the middle of the field. Arrived at Kansai ... Anybody? Arrived at Kansai ... Anybody? It was quiet compared to Inche... It was quiet compared to Incheon. Sad. I flew Korean Air for the first time. It took over 11 hours from Seattle to Incheon, Korea. The plane was Boeing 777-200 and the seat configuration was not as nice as DELTA for being a business class. But flight was not full and I had nobody sitting next to me.

I watched many movies including Godzilla, X-Men, Captain America and Spider Man. 11 hours was long tome to kill. When I got to Incheon, I had to change the carrier from Korean to Asiana. First I had to find Asiana ticket counter to get my boarding pass. It was located at gate 29. Then I walked to gate 49 but it was change to gate 46. After sitting there for about 15 minuets, they tole me the gate was change to 29 (That where I was...).

Plane was delayed and the gate 29 is a bus gate. They too us out to the middle of the airfield where there was no lights other than ones from the plane. The flight was delayed for about an hour but the flight itself was only 1 hour and 20 minutes.

I arrive at Kansai around 9:30pm. By then everything was wining down at Kansai and immigration and custom was empty and I went through without any problem. All together, it took over 14 hours to get to Kansai. I booked the same flights for next month and I should be able to do better connection next time.

I have arrived

I arrived in Japan safely. The flight from Seattle to Incheon was over 11 hours. I had an hour and half to make it to the next flight. The next flight from Incheon to Kansai took only an hour and 20 minuets.

I am tired now and I am going to seller now.

Product Image

Product Image Product Image When the guys building the skateboard ramp wears a hard hat with GoPro logo on it, GoPro must be doing their marketing right. This is what Marketing is all about. Anybody can spend money to advertise but only when people starting to place their logo on the objects without getting paid, the marketing is called successful.

Look at cars and you see Apple, GoPro, Red Bull Logos. They sure have success marketing going.
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