Anesthesia-Free K9 Dental Cleaning

Anesthesia-Free K9 Dental Clea... Anesthesia-Free K9 Dental Clea... Anesthesia-Free K9 Dental Clea... Pompom's teeth were cleaned today without anesthesia. It costs $160 but I think it worth it.

DELTA Business Class Sale to Asia

DELTA Business Class Sale to ... DELTA Business Class Sale to ... DELTA Business Class Sale to Asia and Europe.
It has some of the best prices except, there is no sale on Japan flight.
What is with this?

I think I will fly to Korea using this sale and buy Korea-Japan flight separately.

Updating PSPINC Original Logo

Before Before After After There is a little mistake in design of PSPINC original logo.
I fixed it. Can you tell?

Google Domain

Google Domain Now, domains are available at Google.
When you register a domain at Google, what you can do with it still questionable.
Not like you can have an email (Gmail) running user your domain, or it it?

I have to investigate more.

Logos Pacific Software Publishing

Original Logo 1987 Original Logo 1987 Updated Logo by 1989 Updated Logo by 1989 When we started in 1987, we had above logo with mesh. In short time, we have gotten rid of mesh background.

Very Cute

Very Cute Very Cute Very Cute Very Cute Very Cute It is very relaxing to see them.

Best Halloween Costume

Best Halloween Costume What do you think. I found it on the net.

I'm Rich!!!???

I'm Rich!!!??? I got this letter )not an email) today.
I am telling you I'm rich!!!

Wearable Camera

GoPro GoPro Google Glasses Google Glasses Do you know why GoPro on the helmet looks cool and Google Glasses on people look dorky? It is simple. People who wear GoPro are athletes and professionals. People who wear Googles Glasses are dorks.

It is not the equipment, its the users. And most of all, it is the marketing!!!




I received an email (sales in nature) from someone I have never heard of. I read the first two line and everything became very fuzzy. I have no idea what he is selling or even telling me.

Even thought it is a form letter, they must have taken them long tome write. But I do not have a patience to read all that…

Use the graphic to make it easier to read or more interesting. There is nothing more boring than a long text email.

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