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Obento お弁当

Obento お弁当
Obento is a boxed lunch. You can make on yourself or buy one at store. There are Obento that is associated with the area you are in Japan. Also, Obento reflects the season as well. It is fun to buy Obento when you are long train trip.

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Okonomiyaki お好み焼き

Okonomiyaki お好み... Okonomiyaki お好み...
What is your favorite Japanese food?

Ramen, Sushi, Shabu-Shabu, Tenpura, Onigiri, Bento ... There are so much variety of foods in Japan. Have you had Okonimiyaki?

It is kind of like pancake but it is made of flour and cabbage with some meat or seafood. When you are in Japan, make sure to try Okonomiyaki. <- leave comment here!!!
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Shibuya Scramble Crossing in Tokyo!!!

Shibuya Scramble Crossing in ... Shibuya Scramble Crossing in ... Shibuya Scramble Crossing in ...
In front of JR Shibuya Station, there is a famous crossing called Shibuya Scramble Crossing. Instead of letting pedestrians cross the street one direction at a time, it closes all motor traffic and have people cross the intersection any which way they want.

This has actually reduce the traffic slowdown because there is no pedestrian when the cars are moving. Following the success of the scramble crossing, there are other cities created this crossing like England, NewZealand, Canada and the US.

When you visit Tokyo, make sure to visit Shibuya. You might want to have a cup of coffee at Starbuck looking down on this Shibuya Scramble Crossing.
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WiFi Hot Spots in Japan

WiFi Hot Spots in Japan WiFi Hot Spots in Japan WiFi Hot Spots in Japan
Many WiFi spots in Japan require to register or purchase service from the provider. Only in few spots like (many America retails chain) you will find truly free WiFi.

Get get ready foe 2020 Summer Olympics, Japan is trying to crease more WiFi access points ... That is a good news for travelers. Until then, when you travel to Japan, rent a WiFi router at the airport so that you use your own cellular devotes in WiFi mode.
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This is No No

This is No No
You do no see people eating and drinking in the regular train. If you are on the long distance train like Shinkansen, it is a different story.

There are two reason why you are not welcome to eat on the train.

(1) You will be leaving mess on the floor and seats.
(2) Your food leave smell in the car.
(3) Eating in the places where it is not designed for is not polite.

Unlike Shinkansen, regular train will not have cleaning service for al day, so you should really not suppose to eat anything like what those couple are eating.
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Downtown Tokyo

Yamanote Line Yamanote Line Downtown Tokyo
Where is downtown Tokyo?
The picture is Shinjyuku 新宿 from Akasaka 赤坂 Area.

Tokyo has many downtowns but all located inside the Yomanote loop (山手線).

Yamanote Line ... Staring from Tokyo Station going clockwise.


Depending in the interest, you must choose which downtown or station to get off. Here ares one of the websites in English.

Or you can do your own search using "Yamanote Line " as a key words.

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Japanese Steak by the Gram

Japanese Steak by the Gram Japanese Steak by the Gram Japanese Steak by the Gram Japanese Steak by the Gram Japanese Steak by the Gram Japanese Steak by the Gram
Did you know there is a steak house in Japan that sell the meat by the gram and cook it for you. They have just open the store in New York. I found it fascinating to see this restaurant last time I was in Japan.

The steak you see weigh 415 grams ... about 14 oz. It was cooked perfectly and it only cost 2,697 yen or US$24. Next time you go to Japan, make sure you look for this restaurant.

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Taxi in Japan

A Black Car with Green Licen... A Black Car with Green License Plate
It is a taxi cab.
Do you know how to spot a taxi cab in Japan ... There ares some obvious signs like little light at the top of the roof and name of cab company on the side. But, one distinguishing feature of Taxi in Japan is "Green License Plate".

Taxi must be licensed by the government and when the cab and cab driver is licensed, they receive green license plate. If you get on the taxi cab with white license plate, it is an unlicensed cab. It is called SHIRO-TAKU (White Taxi) and it is illegal.

That is one of the reason why you see no UBER or LYFT in Japan. You cannot operate Taxi or Ride Share without government license and the fares are highly regulated as well. No you know how to spot a taxi cab in Japan.

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Robots in Japan

Robots in Japan
Robot is pronounced "Robotto" ロボット in Japanese. There are many industrial robots in use but lately companies are producing many robots for consumers and prices are coming down. Do you use robot at home? Do you see any robot? Let us know.

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Onigiri ... おにぎり

Onigiri ... おにぎ... Onigiri ... おにぎ...
Fast is the fast food of Japan?
It may be Onigiri ... A Rice Ball.

You can find them at Japanese convenient stores like Seven-Eleven, Lawson and Family Market. I found fancy Onigiri store called Onigilly in San Francisco.

Have you ever had Onigiri? If you have, what kind of Onigiri do you like?

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