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Newsletter Vol. 49 / Own Your Own Domain

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Newsletter Vol. 49 / Own You...
Back to the Basics

I am currently in Japan working and relaxing at the same time. I can do this because I have very capable people running the company in Seattle. I thank them a lot. I need to work even harder to make sure we can maintain sustainable growth.

While I was at my parent’s house, I was asked a simple question from my parent’s friend, “When I change my Internet Service Provider, what is going to happen to my email address that came with the ISP?”. This is a very good question that I have not thought about for a long time as I have never considered using my ISP’s email address. If I use a Comcast email address for my email, when I cancel my Comcast service the Comcast email account will be gone.

My answer was - do not use the ISP’s email address for your email account. You will have a hard time canceling your ISP. This is one of the reasons why ISP’s want you to use their email address.

If you do not want to spend money, use Gmail, it is a good choice for your personal email address. That being said, I do not recommend the use of Gmail for your business. If you need email for your business, you should go with a hosting service provider like us. In our case, domain and email hosting for you starts at $99. Which is a small investment to make for your business.

In my case, I have for my personal domain. My family is using it as well, as I gave an email account to each of them.
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