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Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. 217 The Story of The Donkey and The Tiger

Ken Uchikura Newsletter Vol. ...

The Story of The Donkey and The Tiger

I found this story online about a donkey arguing with a tiger:

Donkey: The grass is blue.
Tiger: No, the grass is green.

Donkey: No, it’s not. It’s blue.
Tiger: Everybody knows it’s green.

The two then proceed to argue with each other. So, they decide to ask the lion, the king, to determine who’s right.

Donkey: My king, the grass is blue, isn’t it?
Lion: Yes, the grass is blue.
Donkey: See, Tiger? The grass is blue.

Donkey: King, please punish Tiger for saying the grass is green.
Lion: Okay. I’ll punish him.

Hearing this, the donkey leaves, relieved.

Tiger: My king, the grass isn’t blue, right?
Lion: You’re correct. The grass is green, not blue.
Tiger: Then, why did you tell Donkey it was blue?
Lion: What’s the point of telling Donkey the grass is green when we know he will never understand? Arguing with an opponent just to validate what you already know to be true wastes time. Tiger, you have more important things to do; stop wasting your time arguing with a fool.

What do you think of this story? I think we need to determine what’s important and what’s meaningless. I’m learning a lot from these internet stories. Please let me know if any of you have heard of this story before.

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