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This clock shows how many days since the first confirmed case of Covid-19 was found in King Country. Washington, USA.

Since January 20, 2020

We are working on the Security Upgrade

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We are working on the Securi...
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc. is working diligently to secure all information. One of the latest change will come in the form of the password convention upgrade.

We currently as our users to set the password with Upper and Lower Case Letters and numbers or symbols. We will be asking to upgrade password with Upper and Lower Case Letters and numbers or symbols.


Alice2020 is currently a valid password but with new rule, it will be no longer valid. You must have at least on symbol. Alice-2020 would be a valid password.

Minimum number of characters will remain at 8 but the maximum number will be increased from 16 to 32.

Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
Kenichi Uchikura
President / CEO
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.


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