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PSPinc What's New Vol. 5

PSPinc What's New Vol. 5

Hello from Kobe, Japan. I am on a business trip to Japan and I will be back in Seattle next Monday. I will spend my last two days in Seoul, Korea. With this little trip to Korea, I was able to cut my business class airfare expense by more than 50%. I can explain it more to you if you would like.

Today I would like to talk to you about the product called “Opinion Stand”. This system allows you to receive direct feedback from your customers. You may have seen something like this before but we have taken it to the next level.

KIOSK : This is a tablet-based opinion gathering system. People can simply press one of the faces on the tablet to give their feedback.

PAPYRUS : This is a QR code-based opinion gathering system. With this version of the system you can add a QR code to your product packaging, receipt or marketing materials. People can easily scan the QR code to display Opinion Stand on their smartphones.

KUMO : This option allows you to add opinion gathering buttons to your website.

After a person clicks on a face icon, we can provide an option to display a survey for entering additional feedback. The survey can be customized in any way you want. We also provide a dashboard where you can access the results of peoples’ opinions to help you understand the trends and patterns.

Take advantage of Opinion Stand by collecting not only customer feedback but also their contact information through our custom forms. You can create online forms to gather more feedback from your customers. This information can be priceless for your future marketing campaigns.

You may be wondering what we have been working on recently. We just released a new text message feature for Opinion Stand Papyrus. Opinion Stand users can now define a unique text message code, and when a customer texts that code to a specific phone number they are provided a link to get to the Opinion Stand screen instantly. This provides yet another easy way to interact with the Opinion Stand. It is our attempt to make Opinion Stand more versatile and useful for your business.

Lastly, we will be displaying Opinion Stand at the Restaurant Leadership Conference ( ) in Phoenix, Arizona from March 22nd - 25th this year. We believe this is a premier event for restaurant businesses. We must thank Mr. Lewis Rudd for letting us know about this conference.

Inquiry about Opinion Stand
Telephone: 1-800-232-3989 or 1-425-957-0808

Kenichi Uchikura
President / CEO
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
#OpinionStand #pacificsoftwarepublishing #pspinc #businesstips

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