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Free Tools for Successful Online Marketing

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Successful online marketing requires a full-circle strategy: setting goals, implementing strategies, and analyzing the data. Google analytics is a popular, free tool that shows you how well your marketing strategies are working for you, but there are more freebies out there to help boost your marketing efforts:

Google Alerts:

It’s wise to monitor customer reviews and whatever else people are writing about your business online, but you certainly don’t have all day to search it out. Google Alerts lets you set up automated monitoring for specific keywords, including your brand, website, whatever else you want it to search out. You can even customize source and language selections.


SEMrush gives you a website analytics overview, in comparison to your competitors’ sites, as well as the popular keywords for your site. The paid version will give you more, but the free version is a good start for evaluating your search engine marketing efforts.

Cyfe and other Social Media Software Tools:

Since social media sites are such a prevalent part of our online marketing now, it’s good to know about free software options that can help build up your social media presence, reach your audience, and analyze the results. Some of our favorite services include Cyfe, Klear, Klout, and Keyhole.

Cyfe allows you to build your own custom dashboard with analytics across multiple platforms. You can add all of your social media accounts, web analytics, email, SEO, and PPC campaigns to one main dashboard. You can further breakdown your social media effectiveness by looking at engagement, clicks, content and more. This service is a great way to analyze your social media channels and figure out where you need help and where your accounts are thriving!

If you need more help with social media, check out these options too:

Klear - Helps companies meet influencers that match their business needs.
Klout - Get topics and suggestions on what to post based on your business.
Keyhole - Track hashtags, accounts, keywords and mentions.
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Give Industry Knowledge, Build your Brand Presence

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We no longer sift through the encyclopedia for answers, nor do we flip through the dictionary. We don’t need these big books anymore because we can find all of that information online, and then some. We can search the ‘net. We can ask Alexa or Siri. We can seek out blogs and online forums for expert information on a particular topic.

Perhaps you should be the one who answers questions related to your business and becomes known as the expert in your industry. Have you ever gone to YouTube looking for a demonstration of how to do something, install something, fix something, learn something? What are the answers to common questions in your industry that you can publish for viewers or readers? This is a great way to grab free advertising, simply by sharing what you know and what you do online.

Think of your potential clients. Imagine some of the questions they might have for you. Then consider where that demographic is searching for the answers, and search for them yourself. Google those questions to see what answers come up, where the answers come from, and who’s answering them. In this simple scenario, you may find some good ideas on how to demonstrate your professional knowledge. You’ll probably see a mix of answers published on industry-specific forums (such as, blogs, videos, and general Q&A sites (such as

Let’s say someone is seeking advice or examples for a home improvement project like designing a new bathroom, or building a modern patio. An online search might produce stunning visual examples from a website called Pinterest, where anyone can post their images. This would be a great opportunity for businesses in home improvement, remodeling, or landscaping to create an account and start sharing their work.

If your work produces visually appealing results, share your pictures and your knowledge on Pinterest, which is a popular and highly-ranked domain. Just make sure you clearly state your business information on each post, perhaps watermark images, so you can take credit for being the expert.

All of these marketing activities require your time and energy, but not your money. They’re creative ways to get your brand and your messaging out there without breaking the budget.
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How Blogs Benefit your Business and your Clients

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Blogging is a free to inexpensive, yet very effective tool, for advertising your business online.

At PSPinc, our niche is web hosting and online marketing, so we use our blog to share industry knowledge with other small businesses looking to grow. After we publish a new post, we share it in our newsletter and on social media. In fact, we have years of previous blog posts filled with good advice for business owners.

We benefit from blogging too. Writing weekly blog posts draws consistent traffic to our website. Plus, all of our blog content to date is filled with keywords relevant to our business – a combo that helps to boost our search engine optimization (SEO).

Now that you can see how starting a blog is a win-win for you and your readers, how do you get started? Let’s explore a couple options:

1) Use a free service.

Our service,, is one of a few free blog services. and are two more. Since all three are popular domains that already get a lot of traffic, using one of them will give your blog a boost in the search engines. For instance, hosting your blog on one of these domains will likely get it found in the search engines before a blog that you host on your own domain.

2) Build a custom blog on your website.

It’s totally understandable, however, if you want to host a blog on your website’s domain. It makes sense for brand cohesiveness, and the keyword-rich content can help build up your website’s SEO over time. But it will require more work to get it up and running. If you are not familiar with PHPs and MySQL, we suggest you seek a web hosting service which comes with a blog included in the cost. The answer might be using in conjunction with our webtool, where the two can work together to host your site and your blog.

Wherever you choose to start your blog, be sure to post articles regularly. Neglected blogs won’t do your SEO ranking any good, nor will you be able to build up your readership and site traffic. We recommend a blog post a week, if not more, and then share it wherever you can.
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Alternative Sources to Gain Online Business Exposure

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Social media and review sites aren’t the only ways to boost your business’ online exposure. We’re here to help you think outside of the box.

PSPinc belongs to an organization called Seattle Executives Associations and on their association website, we are listed as a member with a link to our homepage. That alone is a great way to get exposure. If you’re a member of a local business association, check that your info is listed in their online directory with correct contact information. But wait, there’s more…

Releasing a new exclusive product? Coming up on a major milestone anniversary? Participating in a charity event? Write a press release about it with your website and contact information included, and distribute it through a press release service like PR Web. These services circulate your press release to other news organizations. If a well-known news source picks up your press release and publishes your story, consider that easy advertising well worth your money.

The pricing may vary per PR service, but for $100 or so, you can choose to whom and where you would like your news distributed. Plus, when your business or website is mentioned within someone else’ domain, that’s great for search engine optimization.

Associations, press releases, partnerships…don’t let these unique opportunities slip by you without exploring how they can benefit your business.
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Don’t Fear Negative Reviews, Own Up to Them

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So you’re afraid of negative reviews. Aren’t we all? But the truth of the matter is customer reviews are not going away, and in fact, they’re becoming a part of everyday consumerism. And whether you had any part in it or not, your business could be listed on a popular review site with feedback already posted about you. So you might as well go own your business on those review sites and own up to any criticism.

What we mean by own your business on the review sites means go claim your business as your own, so you can manage your information and make sure it’s accurate. Web info, location, hours, phone number, it can all be managed by you. What we mean by own up to the negative reviews means go respond! Interacting with customers who’ve had a bad experience shows you care, and can actually turn things around.

Here are some of the review sites to consider:

Angie’s List is a popular directory with reviews and references for home consumer related services. Certain levels of subscribers pay to get additional information. You can also sign up to get your business listed.

Yelp is so popular and relevant to many searches that its listings often appear on the first page of Google searches. Whether you are in B2C or B2B, it’s a wise idea to claim your business in Yelp if you want to get more online exposure.

If your business creates something visually appealing, your customers may have already “pinned” it in Pinterest. People use Pinterest to catalog images of things they like or want to make, want to buy, want to experience, etc. Comments and feedback are eligible on each “pin.” For example, if you own a restaurant, you may want to post some of those pretty plates to entice customers. Someone else may comment on your pin that they’ve had that dish and loved it!

Depending on your business, you can look into special interest review services like Thumbtack, TripAdvisor, and HomeAdvisor. If you aren’t sure where to start, do an online search of your business name or your business products to see what, if any, review sites come up. Those are the ones you might want to pay attention to.
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Google My Business: The New-Age Phone Book

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If your business isn’t registered on Google My Business, make that your next priority. This is a free service that will get your business more visibility on Google and Google Maps. Basically, you help Google make their local search results more relevant by registering, and your business pops up when it’s applicable to the search. It’s a win-win, which is probably why Google offers it for free.

You’ve probably noticed on Google a boxed section highlighting the businesses related to your search. You’ll also see a map with red pins locating each business, and some additional information such as hours, photos, reviews and more. Any business can go through the steps to register for a listing in this prime space, whether they have a web presence or not. Take advantage!

Get started:

1. Go to
2. Click the Start Now button.
3. Follow the instruction on the screen to register the name and address of your business.
4. At the end, it will ask for a contact name, to which Google will send the verification code.
5. The verification code will come in a physical postcard with instructions to proceed and finalize.
6. Login to set up your business information, and even respond to reviews you may already have. You can even move your location pin, if needed.

Here are some additional features:

You can share what’s new with your business, upload photos, give updates, highlight specials or seasonal goods. By adding these little snippets of information into your Google My Business portfolio, that content is eligible to show up in search results.

Now your customers can text message you when you set up the “chat” feature in Google My Business.

You can check important stats (insights) that show where your customers are searching from, what they’re clicking on, and what actions they took on your business listing (did they call, email, click, etc.?).

Since Google My Business is the new phone book, and it’s easily accessible on all devices, your business will be at an advantage when you take the time to get registered.
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Budget Marketing 101: Use Review Sites to your Advantage

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A great way to get your business seen online at little to no cost is to claim it on search engines and review sites.

There are many online review sites out there, and your business may already be listed on them without your knowledge. It’s important for your company’s reputation to seek out the popular ones and take ownership of your business presence, which means making sure all of your contact information is correct, and replying to customer reviews, especially any negative ones. A lot of business owners don’t want to engage in review sites, but when they do, it can really be beneficial to their business.

These are the big three where you should go and claim ownership of your business:


Google allows you to claim your business through Google My Business. Here you can manage your business hours, your location(s), upload pictures, and respond to reviews. When responding to reviews, the best practice is to be genuine and interact with your online customers the same as you would in person. Negative reviews, when handled with care, can turn into an opportunity to show how much you care about your customers’ experience. Plus, the more reviews you get on Google can place you higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), so encourage happy customers to write a review of their experience.


Yelp is the largest review site with 144 million users, so having your business listed on it may get you a lot of exposure you didn’t think was possible. Encourage reviews on Yelp because they often show up on the first page of online search results since it’s such a popular, relevant website. Even if you offer B2B professional services as opposed to consumer or retail stores, Yelp is still for you.


Although Yahoo may not be as popular as Google, some people end up on Yahoo (or Bing) search results without realizing it. For that reason alone, it’s worth it to claim your business on Yahoo Local.

You might also check out sites such as Angie’s List or niche community pages to see if your information is already listed. It’s important to make sure your business is being represented accurately. And best part of all, these efforts take only your time, not your money. Registering your business on review sites and search engines is typically free.
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Marketing your Business on a Tight Budget

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What if you don’t have thousands or even hundreds of dollars per month to advertise your business online? Well, don’t worry, you’re not out of the game. There are plenty of ways to advertise online for cheap to free, and this month we’ll go over some of the critical things you can do.

The first thing to consider is how you’re going to get your message out to the public. Your business needs a website, even a basic one, to highlight your products or services. You may think it’s a hefty task to create one, but it’s not. It’s not expensive either. Our platform offers domain registration, website hosting, and email services for $250 per year, which breaks down to only $20 per month!

It’s best to secure a domain name associated with your products or services, or even better, with your business name. But be aware, with more than 330 million domain names registered today, it may be tricky finding an exact match for your business name. You may find it’s already taken!

To see if your domain name is available or not, visit InterNIC's Whois Lookup. This is the primary database for domain name registration, so go straight to the source rather than a web hosting company like GoDaddy. Once you’re satisfied with a domain name that’s still available, call us at PSPInc and we can secure it for you.

If the name you want isn’t available (because it’s already registered to someone else), get creative by adding characters. You can try adding hyphens or alpha numeric symbols, but just remember to keep it simple, and not too lengthy, so it’s easy to remember.
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Case Study: The Future of Advertising with Augmented Reality

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Technology is wonderful and it provides so much information to the world, free of charge, but someone somewhere needs to make some money to keep developing the technology. Welcome to the capitalistic world where augmented reality plays a critical role.

You’ve probably watched a football game where you see the remaining yardage, but over the field an advertisement gets plugged in as well. The logo isn’t really on the field, but the picture has been augmented with the digital ad.

In the past, advertisements were fixed in place on printed signage. But with augmented reality, through different deliveries like TV, streaming services, even smart glasses, advertisements can be delivered anywhere.

It also means advertisements can be customized to each individual person and delivered only to those who are a good fit for the information. Remember the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report, where he walks through the station with ads playing for him, even calling out his name? (See the clip on YouTube: ) Perhaps that’s the future of advertising for us.

So, where would you place your futuristic ads?
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Case Study: The Rise of Holographic Images in our World

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Augmented reality doesn’t always come in the form of a smart phone lens. It can also be worn as a pair of glasses. Google Glass was released in 2013 at $1,500 per eyewear. Its purpose was to act as a hands-free device, displaying the same information as your smart phone. It has some interesting functions, but technology has come further in just a few years’ time.

Microsoft HoloLens is a headset that mixes holographic images with your real environment. So yes, it creates an augmented reality instead of a virtual reality. (You can see how it works on YouTube: ) At $3K to $5K a pop, it’s not really a consumer-priced item, but as the video shows, it may be a useful resource for businesses in the modern world. You can even use HoloLens to virtually interact with your work documents.

Other wearable devices include Sony SmartEyeglass, Magic Leap, Epson Moverio Drone Edition, Vuzix Blade and Google Glass EE. Currently, they’re used more for entertainment purposes, or in very particular industries, such as the medical field. The whole of reality isn’t quite ready to be augmented with digital information overlays, and not all budgets can afford the technology. But let’s keep dreaming of ways our customers can benefit from this type of technology. You may be surprised at how affordable it becomes sooner than later.
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