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What to Know about A/B (and C) Testing

What to Know about A/B (and ...
What is A/B testing, also called “split testing”? It’s another way to test your marketing strategies, or web campaigns side by side to see which one performs better and converts into the action you want taken, such as a sign-in, an email lead, or sale. Let’s say you want to know which day of the week an e-newsletter will get opened by the most people. You can send similar emails on different days (or different times of day) to see if the timing impacts the open rate.

A/B testing will allow you to make more fact-based decisions rather than guessing about what works and what doesn’t. It’s another way to review the performance of your marketing strategy.

But I would even go further. What if your less successful case of A/B testing can be improved to exceed the conversion rate of your more successful case?

I suggest doing A, B and C testing:

You start with three test cases: A, B, and C.
Let the campaigns run for a duration of time.
Compare the result of A, B, and C.
Drop the worst performer and add case A+ (assuming A did the best) to see if you can do even better with the best case.
Now you have A, B and A+ to compare.
Repeat this cycle until you figure out the top-performing case.

Sometimes you won’t narrow it down and make a final decision on which test case works best. You may end up increasing your budget and efforts to include all three marketing strategies, or you may decide to do just one or two on a larger scale. Whenever you reach the comfort zone of good results, you can increase the budget to launch the full-scale action.

The point is this: Analyzing your marketing strategies and actions, and readjusting them over and over must be performed in continuous cycles. Never stop this process if you want to keep learning and marketing your products and services successfully. A/B/C testing can help you continue this cycle.

With online marketing tools such as Google AdWords, Facebook, etc., you can easily manage and control your test cases until you figure out your perfect (or nearly perfect) formula.
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