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Pilot SBT

Pilot SBT

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How to Upload Pictures to WebdeXpress

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If you’ve read our last two blogs, you now have great pictures and are ready to upload them! If you haven’t read them, here they are:

How to Take Better Pictures for your Business

Make your Pictures SEO Friendly

Now that your pictures are ready to go, let’s get them uploaded.

First, you need to login to your Dreamersi account, then click on WebdeXpress in the “Content Management System” menu on the top of the page. Once you’re on the WebdeXpress dashboard you’ll want to look at the grey menu on the left of the screen.

Click on the files tab, which should be fourth from the top. From here, a dropdown menu will appear with two tabs for “List Files” and “Upload Files.” Click on the “Upload Files” tab.

A new page will appear that will tell you which files are supported and give further instructions on how to upload them. To upload files click on the “Add files…” button in the middle of the page. If you have large files or if you want to further compress files, make sure you check the box that reads “Compress images upon upload.”
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Make your Pictures SEO Friendly

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Name your Image Correctly

Use the name of your image to accurately depict what is going on in the picture and try to use correlating keywords. If you don’t know what keywords are, or if you need a refresher, read our blog on keywords here. Think of words and phrases that people are searching for that might pertain to the image. Remember, images are just as searchable as websites and they can lead people to your website.

Use Alt-Text

When images don’t load on a screen the alt-text is there to replace the picture. Use the alt-text to be descriptive about what is happening in the image. And again, make sure you use your keywords in the description. The alt-text isn’t just important for images that won’t load; it’s also there for web accessibility. If you hover over images, and depending on your browser settings, it will show the alt-text.

Add Images to Sitemap

Similarly to indexing your web pages, you can index your images with Google. Add images to your XML sitemap to help Google identify and map your website. This includes adding any internal or external links to images to help guide visitors through your website.

Decrease File Size

When we browse the web we expect everything to load quickly. How many websites have you left because things aren’t loading? There are two different ways to decrease the file size of your image so it will load faster on your website, which will help your SEO.

The first is to decrease the image size. You can do this in applications like Photoshop using websites like this one: The second way is to decrease the image quality, which will decrease the amount of pixels in a given image, making it load faster.

Choose the Right File Type

There are a myriad of file types to choose from, so how do you know which one is right for you? When looking at photo compression there are two main types: lossy and lossless. Lossy means an image will decrease in size and quality. Lossless means that it will decrease in size without compromising quality.

PNG – We keep the background of your image transparent and it is lossless.
GIF – Is similar to PNG because it’s lossless and can have transparency, but it can also have animation.
JPEG – This file type is lossy but is really good for large images, photography, and color gradients.
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How To Take Better Pictures For Your Business

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Rule of Thirds / Use the Grid

A super easy way to improve any pictures you’re taking is to use the gridlines on your DSLR camera or phone. The gridlines split the screen into nine boxes, which follow a principle of composition called the “rule of thirds.” This principle states that an image is more balanced and easier for people to view if it’s split into thirds. By aligning points of interest on the lines and intersections you can create an image that is easy on the eyes.

Choose One Subject

Before you begin taking pictures of products, people, or your office space, you need to decide on one subject. A big mistake people make is focusing on more than one subject, which makes it hard for people to differentiate what to look at. Make your subject clear, obvious, and easy to discern. Simplifying your pictures makes it easier to choose one subject.

Negative Space / Symmetry

Choosing a background for your images can be daunting, but embracing negative space can not only make for better pictures, but also make your job easier. Negative space refers to blank or open space within a picture. This style of photography has become extremely popular. When you leave negative space in your photo you will make the subject even more powerful.

If your subject doesn’t have a background, you might try looking for patterns and symmetry. It can give a sense of harmony to your pictures that will make it more pleasing to the eye.

Leading Lines

Leading lines draw attention to your subjects and tell the viewers eyes where to look in a picture. You can find lines all over and there aren’t any specific rules for how to use them. The more comfortable you get using the grids on your camera the easier it will be to see lines in everyday life.

When using leading lines, you want to have your image at the intersection of the lines. Leading lines don’t always have to be straight, they can be circular and even wavy, it’s up to you to frame the lines to direct viewers eyes.
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Dreamersi 30-Day Free Trial

Dreamersi 30-Day Free Trial
Try a 30-Day Free of Dreamersi!

Web hosting is included in all of our packages. Simply choose your plan and get started.

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SD Town Classified

SD Town Classified
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Business Communication: Be Simple and Consistent

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Albert Einstein said, “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” That’s great advice, especially when it comes to business communication. The only thing I would add – in respect to business – is to keep repeating a consistent message if you want it to stick with people.

With all the distractions around us, and all the information and advertisements circulating for other brands, it’s easy for even the simplest message to escape our minds. If you want your business’ message to stand out, three things need to happen. 1) Your message must be simple and the same every time. 2) You have to get it out there in front of people over and over again. 3) You have to be an authority on what your message is conveying.

Let’s use some big brand slogans as an example. Can you match the message with the brand?

Just do it.
Think different.
What’s in your wallet?
I’m lovin’ it.
There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s …
Because you’re worth it.
For life.
A diamond is forever.

These big corporations have nailed down simple slogans that are easy to repeat over and over again. Because of that, I’m betting you knew most of the answers. But they aren’t the only ones who can succeed in this type of marketing. Regardless of your size, keep repeating your message until it becomes a part of your internal business culture and a part of your public identity.

Finally, back up your message with authority and action. Your marketing message should be genuine and authentic and represent your business accurately, otherwise you risk driving people away.

So, did you guess most of them? Check your answers:

Just do it. - Nike
Think different. - Apple
What’s in your wallet? - Capital One Credit Card
I’m lovin’ it. - McDonalds
There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s MasterCard. - MasterCard
Because you’re worth it. - L’Oreal
For life. - Volvo
A diamond is forever. - De Beers
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Pilot SBT

Pilot SBT
We created Pilot SBT to be a tool for small businesses to manage their companies.

Pilot SBT comes with

- Unlimited accounts
- Follow employee interaction with assigned tasks
- Create employee profiles, and see their interaction with assignments

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Business Communication: Building Mutual Relationships

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I strongly believe relationships in business – a company and its customers, a company and its employees, a manager and team – must work like a marriage. Both parties must mutually benefit, reciprocate, and want to engage in a healthy relationship. And healthy communication in those relationships include being genuine and clear, sharing not only the goods, but sometimes the bads and the risks. It requires us to know each other pretty well.

Let’s talk about a specific example.

Let’s say you’re a salesperson at PSP, and a customer came to you to buy a computer. The customer had a budget of $1,500 but you strongly recommended the $2,000 computer which the customer bought. One week later, an issue arose and you had to deal with the repairs which took several days.

At the time of purchase, if the customer was super happy to learn about all the all the added features he/she was getting by spending the extra $500, thanking you for all the advice, the problem that came up will likely be dealt with pretty smoothly. Overall, the customer was happy with the purchase from the start.

But what if the customer felt pressured to purchase the more expensive machine? Well, if the customer never felt comfortable with their initial purchase, you can bet they won’t be happy with the new issue. Getting it sorted out might not go as smoothly since the relationship between you and the customer was never mutually beneficial.

In any relationship, unless it is mutual, you’re more likely to encounter issues sooner or later. So be honest, be genuine, and put yourself in their shoes, so you can make the relationship mutually beneficial and successful. This requires clear and honest communication to work.
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Business Communication: Getting your Point Across

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Has anyone ever asked you, “So what is your point? The point we try to make to someone can easily get muddled with extra words and long explanations, or it can get confused by lack of tone over digital communication. So how do we get to the point faster and make communication more effective?

Here are some points to consider:

State your point up front.

It’s important you know what your point is before you start communicating it. What is the outcome you’d like to get after your explanation? Particularly over email, it would be great to include your point in the subject line, if possible, so people are prepped to read. You should also summarize your point and purpose for the email in the very first paragraph.

Keep it simple.

When people ask what your point is, or say get to the point, they’re asking you to be direct –in other words – simplify the message. Don’t fill your explanation with big words, slang, abbreviations, or buzz words. If you have time to prepare your communication, choose your words carefully.

Getting to the point also means “be specific.” If you state, “I need the products to be delivered fast,” what “fast” means to you may be different for someone else. You meant within one day, but by another person’s standards maybe a week is fast. Best to say things like, “I need the products to be delivered within 24 hours,” or “by 2 p.m. tomorrow.”

Don’t bury your point in too many words.

We tend to explain ourselves more when we aren’t confident or clear about our own point. People read diagonally if you have too many words in your email. Keep it short and sweet. One way to do that is by using bulleted or numbered lists. You can summarize specific points really well that way.

Give examples.

If you can include examples to get your point across, do it. And the more specific examples, the better.

Finally, re-read your email before pressing send.
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